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 I am using Outlook 2003, SP2,  on XP professional. I have three signatures. Today I changed the email address on one of the signatures, and now I have odd symbols added above the signature:

 I deleted it, rebuilt it, deleted it again and rebuilt calling it something else, rebooted and rebuilt it, and I always get those symbols. I tried losing the picture I had within the signature, and I tried changing the font. Same thing. The other two signatures are ok. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks!
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mel150Author Commented:
Hi- Just tried this- deleted all the signatures, and created a new one in times new roman font, just my first name. And the symbols are still there.

Mysterious. no?
mel150Author Commented:
If I close down, re-open, and change to plain text, the signature is ok. If I close back down, go back to HTML, and create a new signature, the symbols are back.

 If I create a new profile with a brand new signature (in HTML), the symbols are there. Am I being taken over by an evil empire?   :-)
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Are you creating the signature in an external HTML editor?
mel150Author Commented:
Nope, I'm not using word or anything, just creating it in the signature editor. If I wipe everything out, remove all signatures, reboot my laptop, open outlook and create a new signature that just says, test, I get those symbols above that word. I did notice that when I create a new signature, there is a space above the signature I create, which I can't delete. Thanks,
mel150Author Commented:
Hi- It seems that if I create the signature in HTML, then revert to Rich Text. I can see the symbols within my signature and delete them. Then if I revert again to HTML, the symbols are gone. Good enough for me. Can I accept my own answer? :)
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