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Hello All,

I am writing an app for Pocket PC 2003 using vb.net. What I am trying to do is fill a combo box from a data table and then when the user selects the option from the combo box (by scrolling) and presses the enter key (either on the screen or on the PDA) call a function. I can do this no problem with a text box but not a combo box...please help as this is rather urgent.

Thank you in advance
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You probably just need to get the right event for the combobox.  Are you trying the click event or the selectedindexchange event?
Where are you actually having the problem. Filling the combo box, or just trapping that the user has hit the enter key?
BTW... Pocket PCs don't have Enter keys do they???
gcheg_bcaAuthor Commented:
After doing lots of searching I have found the answer myself. I had tried all of the events for a combo box but none of them were triggered on a key press. What I have found is that the .Net Compact Framework 1.0 sp3 is required to trap a key press. Other versions of the compact framework v1.0 do not work for PPC2003.
BaXt0R to answer your question some PDA's do have keyboards as an attachment or a slide out and they all have the capability of a soft keyboard displayed on the screen.
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