Need some info about bandwidth, hosting etc

Sup all. Im trying to grasp bandwith. lol. When i look into hosting you have options like 1.5 mbps. 10mbps or 100mbps. Now obviously 100mbps is the best.  Im trying to decide how a fairly busy site kinda like a myspace would run on dual t1 lines in my office. We have no bandwidth cap so im not worried about that. ANyone have any suggestions. RIght now i have about 30-50 people online at the same time max.  Would that eat up a dual t1's bandwidth or not. Also if you have any inisght as to how bandwidth is utilized that would be great. Thanks
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It depends on what they are doing.  We have dual T1's right now (in the process of adding two more).  What we do now is:

     employees accessing the internet (max of 300 concurrently)
     inbound/outbound e-mail
     host a couple of applications for external customers (max of 300 concurrenlty signed on)
     inbound/outbound bulk data transfers

Untill recenly the dual T1's were more than enough.  If it were not for the bulk data transfers the T1's would still be enough, but we are increasing the number of these that we are doing over the Internet

If you are accsssing myspace, it should be O.K.  The biggest issue with myspace is that some pages have music and video which can really bog down the link.

How are the T1's configured?  Do they look like two independent T1's or does it look like 1 link at 3 Mbps?  If it is two indepenent T1's, you may have problems depending on how the routing works between the two.
emilbus20Author Commented:
Hey thanks. My thing is i just started a couple sites just like myspace that i need to host here. At most we would have 30 concurrent users online here that are working. Email runs on the network as well. Im just trying to see if its worth it to host here for awhile until the sites get really big. Follow? Oh and i dont have 3Mbps its just two running at 1.5Mbps
So you are hosting a "myspace" type site.

O.K. with two running at 1.5Mbps then the maximum throughput you can get for a single connection will be about 170-180 Kbps.  Depending on how the routing is setup and where the "customers" are you might be able to get a 50/50 split across the T1's, that is 1/2 of your customers on one of the T1's and 1/2 on the other one.  However we generally get 60/40.

Do you know how the routing is setup on the T1's?  Does the traffic seem to be balanced across the two now?  What is the utilization the the T1's now?  If you are running at 70% busy on the T1's now, then hosting a myspace type site will eat you alive.  If you are running at 5-10% busy, then you should not have a big problem for now.

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emilbus20Author Commented:
everything is split to the 1's. We are lightning fast here. WE dont even need dual t1's but my boss likes 100% uptime so we have them. lol. They are coming in from diff locations. We prb barely use the capabilities it has.
What do you mean split?  If you run a bandwidth test (like say what do you get?  Depending where you are you may want to do a test from another bandwidth testing site.

If you mean that the routing protocols attempt to load balance, then the best you should see 1500 Kbps on a speed test, if you get above that, then yoru T1's are "bonded" togethere to make it look like a single 3 Mbps link.
emilbus20Author Commented:
Hey sup, Download was 2646kbps and upload was 2514kbps
This means that the T1's are "bonded" in away that they appear as a single 3 Mbps link.   My guess is that for starters you can host your site without too much of an issue.  I would monitor the bandwidth utilitization so you can be ready to do something when link utilization starts averaging above 70% for extended periods of time.

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