adding external hard drive to FC4

Hi I have an external Lacie Big disk extreme D2 and want to hook it up to my FC4 either via USB or FireWire, whichever is easier...

How would I do that?


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I'm assuming it to be an empty hard drive .If it already partitioned then it is not required to use fdisk to partition it and make file system (mkfs.ext3).,directly go to step 7.

1) Turn the drive's power on, then plug it into your USB adapter.
After plugging it in, and you type tail /var/log/messages you should have an entry that says something like:

2) kernel: Attached scsi disk sda at scsi1, channel 0, id 0, lun 0

3) Make note of the device (sda in my case), as you'll want to use this device when you partition and format the drive.

4) Next you want to create your partition on the new drive with the fdisk command:

     fdisk /dev/sda (replace /dev/sda with your actual USB device)
    Press p and you should see a list of the current partitions on the drive (should be empty, if it's a new drive)
    Press n This creates a new partition

5) At this point you will be asked for the starting and ending sector you want to use for the partition, if you want just one big partition, simply select the defaults

Once you have your partition created, you can press p again to view your partition. If it looks good, you can press w to write the partition to the drive and exit the fdisk utility.

6) Now that you have your external USB drive partitioned, you can create the filesystem on it with the following command:

    mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1

7) Now add this to your /etc/fstab
     /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbdrive auto user,noauto 0 0

8)  Make the directory for the usbdrive to mount on:
    mkdir /mnt/usbdrive

Mount all the devices in the /etc/fstab:
mount /mnt/usbdrive


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