Deleting a DOM Node

I have a script that replaces document.getElementById with a caching version of that.  Everything works fine except that when I delete a node then try to access it again I get a reference to the "Dead" node.

So my question is: how do I actually DELETE a DOM node?  "obj.parentNode.removeChild(obj)" simply removes it from the document and "delete obj" doesn't work.

Any ideas?

<div id="test">test</div>
var n = document.getElementById('test');
var x = n;

// Start Modifying any code.  do NOT change x itself

delete n;

// End modifying any code

alert(x);      // I want this to be null or undefined
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Jens FiedererTest Developer/ValidatorCommented:
You can not get x to be null or undefined without changing the value of x.

Jens FiedererTest Developer/ValidatorCommented:
x = null;

or allowing x to go out of scope should work.

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Jens FiedererTest Developer/ValidatorCommented:
This is a side effect of Javascripts automatic memory management.

Once the node is removed from the document, and can no longer be reached from any variable, the garbage collector can reclaim the storage of the node.

As long as you keep a pointer to the node in x, javascript is NOT ALLOWED to really dispose of the node!
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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:


But that works only in IE.

Jens FiedererTest Developer/ValidatorCommented:

cannot and should not have any influence on the contents of "x".
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Sorry, you are true.
I focused on DOM and the allover innerHTML content.
But that is the side effect of GarbagaCollection: as long as ONE reference to a storage object is alive, that long is that Object NOT discarded!
I was aware of that, but not to the final consequencies.

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