Eclipse and Maven ?

Hello experts,

   Can I have both eclipse and maven in my computer ? what's the difference between them ? thanks.
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Yes. Maven is any extended build tool. Eclipse is an IDE
meow00Author Commented:
what does it mean by "extended build tool" ? thanks.
It's to build java projects, but does other things besides - a bit like Ant:

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Maven, for instance, looks .jar's up on the internet for you; ECLIPSE doesn't, it only adds standard JAVA classes.

they are different things, its like comparing apples and oranges so it doesn't make sense to discuss differences.
and yes you can have them both installed and if you used eclipse to do your development and maven to do your build/deployment then you definitely would.
Theres even a maven plugin for eclipse to help working with the two together.
Yes you can have both of them on your computer

Eclipse is an IDE ( Integrated Development Environment)

Maven one of the tools used now a days for Projects which gives more advantages than its predecessors like ANT. To understand simple way is instead of giving it all the JAR files used by our Project, we maintain a repository in our Organization where the company in house development team would identify all the Required JAR files for the Projects they work on and store them at a Common place called "Repository"

We would mention our Repository location for our Maven, along with Settings on our Machine.

- Project size is very low and hence projects can be migrated from Development Environment to Testing Environment without the JAR files, which would be fetched once in test environment and executed from the Repository

Eclipse is Development Environment which assists developers in their quest to develop advanced software components easily with lots of plugin available for integration.
Maven is also one of them

Hope it answers your question :)
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