Can a Win 2000 Pro Full Install CD be used to do a repair install

Can a Win 2000 Pro Full Install CD (from Microsoft, not from PC vendor) be used to do a repair install. The CD supports SP4 of Win 2k. Do not reply to this post unless your are 100% sure.

If you are thinking of answering YES please note the following at  , a reseller of this SW.

"This product is NOT an upgrade. To use this you must uninstall your previous operating system, then install this one. Or you may install this on a new system."  END QUOTE

PLEASE NOTE: Repair install is not mentioned in the list above.  Also I know of no MS OS CD that can do a repair install that can NOT also do an upgrade install. In fact I have called MS Tech support about exactly this issue but for XP, but not 2K. For XP they said the Full install CD can also be used for repair installs and upgrade installs to PCs with appropriate OS's.. Hence I question a YES answer that the Win 2K Full install CD directly from MS can be used for repair installs.

Or you might say that eDirectSoftware does not know what they are talking about and that quote from their website is incorrect.

So I called Microsoft pre-sales and they said that I would have to pay MS tech support $35 to get that answser for Win 2K because it was too technical for pre-sales (which is free) to answer. Can you believe it !!!! Anyway that is why I am posting here.

Let me reiterate, only reply if you are 100% sure. If your answer is YES, please state how you know (direct personal experience; link to a RELIABLE source supporting your YES answer or something else equally good).

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Yes. See;en-us;292175& ("How to perform an in-place upgrade of Windows 2000"):


To perform an in-place upgrade of Windows 2000, follow these steps:
1. Insert the Windows 2000 Setup CD into the CD-ROM drive, start the computer, and then press a key to start from the CD-ROM.
2. On the Windows 2000 Setup screen, press ENTER to run the To set up Windows 2000 now, press Enter command.
3. Press the F8 key to accept the License Agreement.
4. Setup should now detect your installation.

Note If the Setup program does not detect a previous installation but just continues to the partitioning screen, there is a problem. An in-place upgrade may not be possible.
5. When you are prompted to repair the existing Windows 2000 installation, press R. Windows 2000 Setup performs an in-place upgrade of the existing installation. Note that you might lose some of your customized settings for the system files.


>> Or you might say that eDirectSoftware does not know what they are talking about and that quote from their
>> website is incorrect.

No. They're talking about upgrading from e.g. NT4 or Win9x, not a repair install.

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mgross333Author Commented:

Thanks. When I called MS Pre-sales support, they referred me to the same KB article. I mean that they read me that the CD could do an in place upgrade. I said I wanted to do an repair install and that repair install was a technical term (and it is). Then they tried to get me to pay $35 to transfer me to tech support.

The key is where you say above (and the KB article at your link also says)
"When you are prompted to repair the existing Windows 2000 installation, press R". THAT IS A REPAIR INSTALL. The pre-sales person never read me that part of the KB article.

   Michael Gross

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