Behavior of SysPrep after SP2, and HotFix

Here's the issue;

SysPrep doesn't act as it did prior to Windows XP SP2. After some research here on EE, when a user logs onto a PC, the Local Administrator profile is used as opposed to the Default User profile. This wasn't the case in earlier versions of SysPrep.

In reference to MS Article 887816...

I called up Microsoft to obtain the HotFix. Downloaded the hotfix, installed it and rebooted the PC. So now what? Shouldn't I be able to login as anyone and get the look and feel of the Default User profile?

Is this HotFix useless?

Does anyone a way to preserve the default user profile for all users? I tried renaming the Administrator profile and deleting it, hoping it would revert to the Default User profile but it didn't.

Any thoughts?

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Try to remove the .dat files from the following folders:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users
C:\Documents and Settings\Default User

This will remove the profiles for All Users and the Default User.  This should cause the Default User profile to reset.  backup the file however just to be sure.
nlucenkoAuthor Commented:
Ok I logged on as local administrator. Removed the .dat files from those folders. Logged off, and logged in as a "new" domain user. The look and feel is still the same as local admin.
Actually it does still use the Default User profile. The "change" was during the SysPrep process. At the end of sysprepping the Administrator profile is copied over the Default User profile. From that point on, the Default User profile is used when creating new profiles.

What I'm guessing in your situation is this. You set up a machine and modified the Default User Profile. Then you Syspreped, which copied the Administrator profile over the top of your customized Default User profile. So now when a new user logs on their profile is created from the Default User profile. The problem is it is not the Default User profile you customized. To fix, you would need to re-customize the Default User profile. Changing the Administrator profile at this point does nothing, the copy took place during sysprep.

To fix the sysprep image, you would need to make a new one, and install the hotfix BEFORE sysprep.

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nlucenkoAuthor Commented:

I setup the machine using "tempuser." Customized the desktop and programs, logged off logged in as local administrator. Copied the "tempuser" to the default user and set "Everyone" as permitted to use, then I sysprepped.

So your saying I should do as I did above but apply the hotfix then SysPrep?

Afterwards the default user profile will be used for any "new user" who logs on?

Before the hotfix, it was running Sysprep that copied the Administrator profile to the Default User profile. So everything you did with "tempuser" and then copied to "Default User" was lost at the moment you ran Sysprep.

It's up to you either way. You don't need the hotfix at all, if you set up the Administrator profile as you would like the default profile to be. Then when you run sysprep, that is copied to Default User, and future logons will use that Default User profile.
nlucenkoAuthor Commented:
Ok I ran the hotfix prior to sysprep and it seems to work correctly now.

Upon login, the default user look and feel is available for all new users.

Thanks Kenneniah for your help.
No problem, glad it's working :)
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