how do i know my solaris box is 64 bit host or 32 bit host
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perlperlAuthor Commented:
uname -a

SunOS hostname 5.10 Generic sun4u sparc
perlperlAuthor Commented:
i guesss this will do

isainfo -b
perlperlAuthor Commented:
this was for unix host...but how to find for windows host?
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Got to /var/adm  and look at the messages file, there should be a line that says;

SunOs Releae X.XX Version bla lba 64-bit

Or just type grep 64-bit messages

If it is there, then you are operationg at 64 bit level

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perlperlAuthor Commented:
what is the difference between 64 and 32 in simple language
Here is a little of what wikipedia says about the subject;

In computer architecture, 64-bit is an adjective used to describe integers, memory addresses or other data units that are at most 64 bits (8 octets) wide, or to describe CPU and ALU architectures based on registers, address buses, or data buses of that size.

The rest of the article is here;
isainfo -vk

will give to tell you if you OS is running on 64 bit ot 32 bit mode. Since the Ultra Spacr can run on both 64 bit mode and 32 bit more, if your OS are
running on 32 bit mode, you need to do a bit more to find out if your box is
capable to run 64bit Solaris.

Solaris support 64bit start from Solaris 7, your OS is Solaris 2.6, and you are running 32bit OS.

To find out infor about you OS platform, type in:

uname -a

#It will give you the OS, kernel patch level CPU class etc.

or type in:
/usr/platform/`uname -m`/sbin/prtdiag

will tell you the CPU model, memory etc.

IF you box has a Ultral SPARC II or newer, it is a 64bit CPU, all old SPARC CPUs are 32bit.

Ultral SPARC (Ultra 5 or higher model, can run 64 bit for sure), Ultra 1, 2 might need to update with the current NVRAM code loaded .

Information about SPACR CPU can be found:

To learn about 32bit vs 64bit have a look at the following docs:

"Migrating to Solaris 64-bit OS on SPARC: Overview":

"Are 64-bit Binaries Really Slower than 32-bit Binaries?":
"what is the difference between 64 and 32 in simple language"
In simple language:
- your OS uses different drivers in 64 and in 32 mode
- in 64bit mode you will have access to files above 2G
- your CPU typically works better in 64bit mode if it's designed for it :-)
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