Uninstalling SAV Client (v10) via logon script.

Hi everyone!

The school I am working for is looking to move its existing Antivirus Server (Symantec Corporate AV 10.0) to new upgraded hardware.  Since we have had nothing but trouble with the existing server, we would like to just shut it down and build a new one from scratch.  Problem is we have about 50 workstations that are managed by the current AV Server.  

Is there a way to update all of the SAV client computers so that they would be managed by the new server?  

Assuming that this cannot be done, here comes the question worth 500 points:

I found a post on EE with advice on uninstalling SAV Clients.  This is done by updating the VREMOTE.dat file with new setup.exe command switches that include REMOVE=ALL.  Now, I have copied the directory that contains the setup.exe file and was able to uninstall SAV client on my PC by running a batch file with the setup.exe /s /v" /qn INSTALLSERVER=0 REMOVE=ALL REBOOT=Force" command.

Can someone come up with a logon script that would perform and report on the uninstallation of SAV on each workstation?  The idea would be for the uninstall to be completed as soon as someone logs on to the domain.  The next time the same user would log-in, the script would recognize that SAV has been uninstalled and would report to a completed.txt file on the server.  I'm trying to really find the best way to switch servers and being that the old one is probably infected itself, I will need to uninstall all instances of SAV -- including roaming laptops.  

I would have this script run for a couple of days and then rollout the new AV Client from the new AV server.

Last but least -- Is there a REBOOT= command that will prompt the user to reboot his/her workstation instead of forcing the reboot?
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Just throwing this out there... Why wouldn't you just build up the new server and then push the installation out to these 50 workstations?  That process should uninstall/reinstall the app and point the clients to your new AV server.

I used a similar process like this before, but I also was upgrading from 9.0 to 10.0, so the setup was slightly different.  

On a side note, you might want to make sure you have the latest 10.0.2 version of the product.  It was released a few months ago.

taki1gostekAuthor Commented:
Nope.  That did not work.  Rolled out a couple of test workstations to see if they would point to the correct Primary server and they didn't convert.  We're at 10.0.1 right now.  Will upgrade it though.
That's strange.  I wonder if it would work if you upgraded your server to 10.0.2.  Then SAV would need to uninstall and reinstall, which I would guess would do the trick.  You'd think they would have created a tool or some kind of option to make this process straightforward...


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taki1gostekAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jeff!  Not the exact answer but you helped lead me onto the right track!
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