Eth0 and Eth1 assumed to be an ethernet device fedora

hey experts,

I recently installed Fedora core 5 on my dell xps laptop;Everthing seems to be ok except my wireless thing. So I installed the relevant firmware,kernel module,Ipw2200 packages for my intel pro 2915g wireless card. The problem is  network manager thinks that the the wireless card is also a ethernet one .So when I go to ethernet devices it gives me broad com and intel pro 2915g ,whereas in my wireless deivces I couldn't find the device . Is there any way to make the network manager to think eth1 as wireless device.??/

Ps: Eth0 is wired connection and Eth1 is wireless connection

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This isn't really a problem.  When your laptop needs to get something of the network, be it internet, NFS, LDAP or whatever it goes to the network device you have configured wether its Wired or Wireless.  These are just two different ways to connect to a network.  As far as not being mentioned under "Wireless" I'm guessing maybe that's for Bluetooth stuff like PDAs, phones etc that can connect to you laptop wirelessly.  If you're looking for Bluetooth you'll have to get a Bluetooth adapter.
This is Linux's normal specification of these devices, when you install a wireless card, it should show up as an eth0 or eth1. This is just how linux handles networking, however what is really confusing is that you don't see the wireless card. I am assuming your running iwconfig in the console and not seeing anything? If you are seeing devices, then everything should be fine, you just have to use iwconfig to configure your wireless network, then eth1 will be able to acquire an ip address.
sundeepgopalAuthor Commented:
hey kamichie
 when I run iwconfig I get
 lo       no wireless device
 eth0   no wireless device

I remember one the guys who used the same packages for the intel pro 2915g got it working..I installed all the packages perfectly but
I'm not able to get my wireless device working ...

Do you hav any ideas?? hope hope hope....
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Interesting, Okay which version of the kernel are you running?
sundeepgopalAuthor Commented:
My kernel version is 2.6.15-1.2054_FC5..I don't know where i went wrong ..I tried installing diferent pacakages but hardly with any result
what happens when you run iwconfig eth0?
Sorry, my mistake, I wanted to enter iwconfig eth1.
Did you install the IPW2200 drivers from Fedora Core or from the ipw2200 website. If so which version did you use? Did you upgrade the IEEE80211 Subsystem. If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, let me know and we will start from the begining.

One final thought, did you install the firmware for the drivers. Without it the drivers will not work.
sundeepgopalAuthor Commented:
hey rindi,
iwconfig eth1 gives
 no such device
When I type NetworkManager $ , I get the network Icon near the toolbar ,beside the clock display. And It directly connected to wired connection .

and kamichie ,I installed all the relevant packages from the website
the packages I installed are

Interesting, look in the Fedora Packges for the IEEE80211 subsytem upgrade, the newer version of the IPW2200 drivers won't work without this. And for some crazy reason the IEEE802111 subsystem was rolled back to an older version in the 2.6 kernels. I would suggest trying to upgrade that kernel module. At least thats what I had to do on my Slack Box with the 2.6 kernel.
You should get the current firmware for the device and your kernel.

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