Tab Delim list with CR

I am looking for a very simple script that will take files and import them regardless of how many columns they have.  Is this possible?  I need a script that reads data based on the tab delim and carriage return into a MySQL db.  How could I go about this?  Also, as you can see, first two rows to be ignored, since they are just guides.
Sample data:
Admin1_str_code      Country_str_code      Admin1_str_type      Admin1_str_local_type      Admin1_str_name
AA---      AA      (none)      (none)       
AC000      AC      undetermined      undetermined       
AC001      AC      dependency      dependency      Barbuda

Country_str_code      Region_str_code      Country_str_ISO3166_2char_code      Country_str_ISO3166_3Char_code      Country_str_ISO3166_numeric_code      Country_str_type      Country_str_name      Country_str_local_name      Country_str_long_name      Country_str_local_long_name      Country_str_controlling_entity      Country_str_former_name      Country_str_name_abbreviation
AA      CAC      AW      ABW      533      Dependency/Special Sovereignty      Aruba      Aruba      Aruba      Aruba      Netherlands              
AC      CAC      AG      ATG      028      Independent State      Antigua and Barbuda      Antigua and Barbuda      Antigua and Barbuda      Antigua and Barbuda                     
AE      MEa      AE      ARE      784      Independent State      United Arab Emirates      United Arab Emirates      United Arab Emirates      Al Imarat al Arabiyah al Muttahidah             Trucial Oman, Trucial States      UAE

Thanks in advance.
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lamerhooDJVAuthor Commented:
Sorry, didn't specify, the mysql server in quesiton is fairly older so I don't think that would work :(
How old is it?  LOAD DATA INFILE has existed at least as far back as version 3.23.

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