cron job: permission denied

I'm having a problem running a cron job on my web hosing server
this is my script to run a java program
java -cp "appservers/jakarta-tomcat-5.5x/webapps/DBTest/WEB-INF/classes" Updater

but i get the following error
/bin/sh: line 1: /usr/ngasi/contexts/paddyfitz/ Permission denied

Any Ideas
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Does this run successfully from the command line as the same uid as crontab owner?  

It looks like whatever happens on line one of is causing the problem.  Can you post the first few lines of that script?

Also I always use fully qualified paths in the crontab since cron runs with a limited environment.
paddyfitz2005Author Commented:
this is all i have in my script!

java -cp "appservers/jakarta-tomcat-5.5x/webapps/DBTest/WEB-INF/classes" Updater

I'm new to crons and i know i have to define the java home dir but i can't find it on my web hosting server
OK now I assume  your crontab has something like

0 12 * * * /usr/ngasi/contexts/paddyfitz/

And then /usr/ngasi/contexts/paddyfitz/ has:

java -cp "appservers/jakarta-tomcat-5.5x/webapps/DBTest/WEB-INF/classes" Updater

replace java with whatever you system returns with the "which java" command (no "").  Also fully qualify your classpath as well like /usr/local/appservers/jakarta-tomcat-5.5x/webapps/DBTest/WEB-INF/classes

also in /usr/ngasi/contexts/paddyfitz/ put
in the first line.  This tells the shell that it should be running the script under the Bourne shell.

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paddyfitz2005Author Commented:
ok that makes sense nut i'm not sure what you mean by

>>replace java with whatever you system returns with the "which java" command (no "").
you need the full path for the java program  probably something like:
if you type in
which java
it will give you the full path
Artysystem administratorCommented:
1) add #!/bin/sh as a first line of your script
2) give your script execution priveledges:
chmod +x /usr/ngasi/contexts/paddyfitz/

this should help.
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
logon as "root" and do what ever the cron works.
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