List Group Membership with recursion

I just found out that a non-admin can access the C$, D$ etc. shares just by going to Start | Run and entering \\servername\C$, doesn't even give a challenge for username/password. I can't figure out what's up. I checked the AD user who was able to do this, and he is not a member of admins. The root of the drive does have "Special" rights for the Everyone group under security...

Is there a way for me to list all users that are in the local administrators group on a computer?  I need to recurse through all nested groups memberships.

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Hi byronleonard,

access enum from sysinternals may help you narrow down on permissions on folders

have you looked under the local administrators group in computer management?

This script from the MS technet magazine will get a user's group membership through a nested scenario.

If you read the article you might be able to modify the script for listing the admins in recursion.  I'm not a great scripter so this is about as much help as I can bring.

On Error Resume Next

SetobjUser=GetObject("LDAP://CN=Ken Myer," & _
Set colGroups = objUser.Groups
For Each objGroup in colGroups
    Wscript.Echo objGroup.CN
Function GetNested(objGroup)
    On Error Resume Next
    colMembers = objGroup.GetEx("memberOf")
    For Each strMember in colMembers
        strPath = "LDAP://" & strMember
        Set objNestedGroup = _
        WScript.Echo objNestedGroup.CN
End Function

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