Play Streaming audio in Fedora Core

I am running Fedora Core 5, no, its just like 4, and I want to bea ble to listen to this audio stream.

No player I have found can play that audio type, nor can I find any Quick Time to install
into the browser capable of figuring it either.

Anyone help with finding an easy way to do this?
I'm not an extremem Linux expert, just basic/semi advanced user.

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Hello, Kelly!

You might consider using MPlayer:

MPlayer is, probably, the best video player for Linux. As we know video is dull without sound, you can also count on mplayer for audio decoding. I've used it in the past to see The Matrix high-res MOV previews and it served me well. There are Fedora Core binary builds but if compiling from sources is one thing you are able to do, go for it! Otherwise, go for the RPM builds and... don't forget about the needed codecs:

If in doubt with anything, take a look inside the README:

Good luck!
Here are a couple of solutions that may work, they usually have to be compiled, but if you untar the file there is usally a readme file with detailed instructions. - Beta (Still Good Though) - xmms plugin alpah release

KellyCraigAuthor Commented:
I tried both of those, and the problem is, they dont work.
I see now "idiots way to installing in linux" part of the readme and after install the execution of the programs fail.

Oh well, guess playing audio in linux is a bad idea for me.

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