Modem to receive pager

Could someone please head me in the right direction?

I'd like to set up a modem on a UNIX box to receive calls from pagers.  Something that spits out one file per page would be great - I can take it from there.

What would you recommend for automatically receiving the calls?
Is there something that will translate the pager text?  (This will be numeric page text, not alpha - don't know if that matters)

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Dial-In service is included in your system.
If it is not sufficient mgetty from linux can be more functional.

You have to code yourself program that emits files while talking over modem.
'modem on a UNIX box to receive calls from pagers'

AFAIK pagers cannot call to modems. They cannot transmit data at all (two-way pagers is a rare exception).
Do you mean something else?
Hi pinnacle71,

I wasn't aware that a modem could receive messages destined for pagers, (not here in New Zealand, anyway).
What country are you in?
The pagers that I know of, are essentially radio receivers, but modems send/receive messages via land lines.

I've set up scripts to send pager messages via a modem, but not visa versa.

The closest I've seen to what I think you want, is where a friend of mine connected his pager to his PC, and ran some freeware to decode the messages and display them on the PC screen.
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pinnacle71Author Commented:
In retrospect, I think I described my needs pretty poorly.

I'll try again:

I'd like to set up a UNIX machine to mimic a pager so that someone call call into it and enter a number.  I'd like to use the modem to decode those numbers and log them somehow.

So, I should have written "receive calls by acting as a pager" instead of "receive calls from pagers".

So far, the best thing I've found is VOCP.

Thanks again,
Oh.  In that case, I have no ideas.  Sorry.
I've looked to VOCP. Looks nice. They offer 'vgetty' program which will be a core of your future system. It replaces mgetty, agetty or getty.
I've dealt with voice modems but under MS-DOS, not under Unix.

Sorry I don't know how reliable their solution in detecting 'hangups' and 'DTMF's, but there where such problems in DOS.
Also please pay attention to modem hardware, which you may use with this soft. Voice features sometimes are vendor specific.

Look to modems with 'Voice' support even when Voice is supported, DTMF detection is not always reliable :(

What is impotent for you, is support of DTMF reporting, which may be checked by this commands:
or AT#VLS (Analog source/destination selection and DTMF/tone reporting) - try AT+VLS=? and AT#VLS=?
where 'OK' response is a good sign, read

I see no problems of using VOCP, but I cannot recommend you something else, sorry.


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