Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01f5' Illegal assignment

This page is supposed to add a new category to a table in my database.  When I submit the form to add the new category I get the following error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01f5'

Illegal assignment: 'doSaveEditCat'

/catFuncs.asp, line 76
Despite this the category is successfully added to the database.  Can anyone tell me why I get this error?  I have included the referenced code below:

'--Function:  Add a new category
function doSaveAddNewCat(catname, parent)
      Dim sqltext
      Dim retVal
      if (len(parent) = 0) Then
            parent = 0
      end if
      sqltext = "INSERT INTO tblCategoryNew (Category, Parent) VALUES ('" & dbSafeString(catname) & "'," & parent & ")"

      retVal = doDBWrite(sqltext)
      writeLogEntry "Add New", "Directory Category", now, dbSafeString(catname), session("User_FirstName") & " " & session("User_Lastname"), sqltext
      doSaveEditCat = retVal
end function

Also, when I try to delete categories I get a "page can not be found" page and the category does not get deleted.  I don't know if these two issue are related, but the following code may help with the second problem:

'--Function:  Delete a category
function doDeleteCat(catID)
      Dim retVal
      Dim lrecords
      Dim sqltext
      Dim parent
      retVal = ""
      parent = getParentID(catID)
      sqltext = "DELETE FROM tblCategoryNew WHERE CategoryID = " & catID
      if (checkAccess(0,ADMIN) = 1) Then
            on error resume next
            lRecords = 0
            conData.execute sqlText,lRecords      
            if (err.number <> 0) Then
                  retVal = sqltext
                  sqltext = "DELETE FROM tblCategoryNew WHERE Parent = " & temp
                  lRecords = 0
                  conData.execute sqlText,lRecords      
            end if
      end if

      writeLogEntry "Delete", "Directory Category", now, getCatName(catID), session("User_FirstName") & " " & session("User_Lastname"), sqltext
      doDeleteCat = retVal
end function

I welcome and and all suggestions!  Thanks.
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The first problem is in your function called doSaveAddNewCat. The last line of your function reads:

doSaveEditCat = retVal

It should read:

doSaveAddNewCat = retVal

That will fix that issue.  As for the other one....

The error "Page cannot be found" doesn't seem to have anything to do with the function since you are not redirecting or anything.  I can't tell on that one.


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