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Hi...We have a contact form on our website that users fill out and submit to us.  Right now all that info is sent to one e-mail address.  We like to forward it to our closest retail location based on the users zip code.  Any ideas?  Thanks
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I dont know if you are using a backend database, such as MySQL or MSSqlServer, but this is one example using databases:

Create an email address for each of your retail locations - you probably already have these.  Store these in a table such as:

   id   | distributor          |   email  
    1   | Palo Alto            |
    2   | Gump Valley       |

Create a table with ranges of zip codes as follows:

  start    | end      | distributor
  94040  | 96049  | 1
  94030  | 96039  | 1
  10000  | 10100  | 2

Note that two rows zipcode ranges are given to one distributor here, that's so that areas can overlap.

Then, if a customer gives you a zipcode, you can find the distributor email with:

   SELECT email FROM distributors WHERE id = (SELECT distributor FROM zipcodes WHERE start <= 94041 AND end >= 94041)

There is lots of different ways to achieve the same thing.  There are more efficient ways to implement the database tables and the SQL queries - it all depends on what you want to do, what you have available and how confident you are with the techniques.  You don't even need a database as long as you are willing to maintain a file in a format similar to:

  94030 96039 sfbob@mydomain.dom
  94040 96049 sfbob@mydomain.dom

...but the principle is basically the same - record the zipcode ranges that are assigned to each distributor, and then use some lookup mechanism to find the correct distributor


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