cannot detect dial tone and modem.cpl file - 2 problems for the price of 1? - Windows XP


I am trying to set up an internet account on my new computer at home but, as expected, I am having problems.

1. The telephone cable works, I have tried it on the normal phone.
2. There seems to be only 1 connection at the back of my pc, so I presume that's the internet connection.
3. When the internet wizard attempts to ring up the supplyer server I get the error "Could not detect a dial tone"
4. When troubleshooting using the help questions and answers screets, when I get to "Click here to see the modem properties" (the screen where you are supposed to check the state of the volume) I get an error message "Cannot find or run the file or program "modem.cpl""

That's when I gave up for the night. I don't have any experience on this and am particularly inarticulate on the subject. Would appreciate it if somebody can help me in plain english.

The modem is an Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem.

thank you

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first, what motherboard do you have?
any errors in device manager?
is the modem installed (with drivers) ?
Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCommented:
hi there

first of all go to the device manager and see if there is a any modem installed to go there

start button>>control panel>>system>>hardware>>device manager>>modems if not other devices >> question mark pci device

then try to install the drivers for the specific modem. if ur not sure what modem u have u can check with the computer vendor who has sold the computer to you.

and coming to no dial tone issue u should disable ""waite for dial tone"" in the modem properties if this not helps then pls
mail back
and the also the modem has two connectors one saying line in and the other saying phone so put the telephone cable to the "line" and if u want to connect the telephone through the computer modem then plug the cable in phone and the other end to the telephone


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dcobauAuthor Commented:
thanks for the answers, I will try the suggestions during the week end and let you know....
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dcobauAuthor Commented:

the motherboard is an ATI (I don't know where to look for the complete information)

there are no errors in the device manager

modem is installed, it is an Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem and, while troubleshooting, the system advises that it is installed and working properly


how do I install the drivers? I bought the pc with everything already installed

I disabled the "wait for dial tone" option and I am getting a tone. The model also rings the provider server but now the system tells me that therer is something wrong with that number and ask to ring and check it. When I do so u can hear squeeks and whistles so I presume that the number is ok.

I have 3 optional providers for the internet set up on my computer, each with its own telephone number but they all result in the same problem.

if you want to identify your hardware, use Everest :      
dcobauAuthor Commented:
do I need to identify my hardware for the current problem?
Joseph O'LoughlinSenior TechnicianCommented:
Look tyrough the transparent end of the phone cable.  Are there 2 wires or 4.  It's more likely to work if only the center two wires are connected.  Have you more than one phone socket in the house?  Try the main socket (first one where the cable comes in from outside)
dcobauAuthor Commented:
At the time I had only one phone socket in the house. I now have 2 sockets and am in the process of moving the pc to the 2nd socket. Will try again from the new one soonest and let you know the result as well as give you the information on the wires.


dcobauAuthor Commented:
Well, I found out what the problem was and, I must admit, I am almost ashamed of it.

But on the good side I found out what Ethernet means and that's NOT a telephone link. That's where I was sticking the stupid telephone connection in, no wander it would not work.

Today I connected the telephone cable to the proprer jack and guess what? It worked. Bah!

sorry for wasting your time folks, I guess I am going to ask for this question to be deleted.

thanks again

Joseph O'LoughlinSenior TechnicianCommented:
Looks like I was on the right track with check the sockets, as was bhanu.  However we did not spot the one connection clue in your question.  I would suggest divvying up the points.
dcobauAuthor Commented:
yeah, ok. how do we do that?
Joseph O'LoughlinSenior TechnicianCommented:
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