recover deleted email on sendmail server

I run sendmail on redhat linux 9.0 and I use outlook 2003 as a client. I deleted and purged an email from outlook 2003 by mistake. I went in to /var/log and I can see the log of the person who emailed me there but I don't know if there is a way to view or recover the email. I was wondering is there a way with linux mail from command line to see the message or is it gone forever? This is very important and I appreciate your help.
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The emails are kept in a file called /var/spool/mail/$username$ if you want to make sure that the email is really gone from your system (and is not recoverable) you could run the command

head -n1 /var/spool/mail/$username$

this will return the first line of your email file, which happens to be the from line with includes the date of the oldest email in your spool. If the date is newer than the email you deleted than the message you seek is gone forever.
Andy is right most likely the deleted message is gone forever unless you have backup.

If you have backup your mail in your mail server/backup tape/backup server... , try recover from your backup file.

If you are the user, ask your system admin for the backup file.
pdiblasiAuthor Commented:
I don't want it to be gone. I am trying to recover it but it sounds like that is out of the question?
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Unless you have a backup.. which your isp might have, you would have to contact them, it is...
pdiblasiAuthor Commented:
no backup. it is my server. I run a linux sendmail server. so Its gone?
Totally gone. Sorry.

Your mail is only kept in one file

/var/spool/mail/$username$ and once you delete it, it's gone unless you have a tape backup.
pdiblasiAuthor Commented:
I deleted it from my outlook 2003 client. Would that delete it from the server as well?  
Outlook is usually configured to remove messages from the server once they are downloaded. You can check in outlook by:

tool menu item --> options
Mail setup tab
click email accounts button
select account and click change
click more settings button
Advanced tab

near the bottom there is a checkbox that is by default unchecked that reads "leave messages on server"

But if you follow the instructions of my first post you can find out for sure if the message is on the server or not..

However if you deleted the message in Outlook, all deleted mail goes into the deleted items folder. Unless you emptied this too your message might be there.
pdiblasiAuthor Commented:
I am using an imap server so the messges should be on the server and not the client?  When you are using IMAP you have to purge deleted items to get rid of them. My question is if I purged deleted items from my outlook client does it automaticly delete on the server? I am guessing it does.
It does. The purge deleted tells the IMAP server EXPUNGE, which removes all messages marked for deletion.

You should have said this was an IMAP server to start, or maybe I should have asked. I just assumed it was a POP3

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