Intel 1XConfig.exe memory leak

I would like to know if anybody noticed a handle leak in the
1XConfig.exe process. It is a slow leak - around one handle every
few seconds; the process starts off with around 300 handles, and ends up
with tens of thousands after several days.

The number of handles can be checked via Task Manager - you need to add
the handle count column, or via Process Explorer from With the latter, I found that the handle
leaked handle is of Mutex type.

This leak makes me suspect the process to be cause of  delays when the
laptop resumes from suspend, or hibernate. I noticed that the more time
passes since I rebooted the system, the more time I have to wait until
the system is up and running when resuming - hence my suspicion.

Any help welcome

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Sorry you haven't received any help yet!

I'm especially sorry, because I have the same problem.

Good luck!
dbessisAuthor Commented:
I have solved the problem myself. I have uninstalled the full Intel  program and reinstalled it and now everything is OK.
dbessisAuthor Commented:
A better trick is NOT to use at all the Intel Software but instead to use the Software that came with the Wireless card. In my case the Linksys Software.
Well, thank you for being your own expert! I appreciate the help.

Closed, 250 points refunded.
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