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I'm trying to go for a quick start with Doxygen and I've ran into a problem. I documented the code as they recommended but too few documentation is being generated; for example, in this .c file only the struct is documented:

/*! \brief This is a .c file

#include <stdio.h>

//! This is a struct
struct threadArgs{
         //! This is member p
        t_pedido *p;
        //! This is member r
        t_resposta r;

/*! \brief This is a function
 *  \param *targs a parameter
void *myFunction(struct threadArgs *targs){ ... }

From the above code, the only thing that gets documented is the struct (in the data structures section). The "This is a .c file" comment doesn't get documented nor do the functions. In the File List section, only the .h files show up :| Any hints?

Thanks in advance! :)

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have you generated a doxyfile? Have you checked the options there?

bass20Author Commented:
Yes, I have. Doxygen generates documentation, it doesn't generate it like I need it to. I tried using yes and no for the OPTIMIZE_OUTPUT_FOR_C file, but the output is essentialy the same.
Well I would check all the options and their documentation. with high likeliness the problem can be found there.

bass20Author Commented:
Not quite. The problem was rather simple, I was forgetting the \file structural switch on the header of the C file. If anyone ever runs into this problem, just comment the file's "header" like:

/*! \file myFile.c
 *  \brief This is a .c file
Closed, 50 points refunded.
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