how to do low level reset on blackberry

I types the wrong password in blackberry 10 times. Now how can i bring the Blackberry in action. And how do I do low level reset
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After you have wiped the BlackBerry you will need to connect it to your desktop to setup the sync process again.
How to perform a SOFT RESET

From the handheld, press the ALT + CAP + DELETE keys at the same time
You will not lose any data in this process

How to perform a HARD RESET

From the handheld, locate the RESET button on the back of the device, near the bottom. If you do not see the reset button, check under the battery cover. Look for a small hole with a label that says RESET.  
Using a pin or paper clip, press the RESET button. The device will restart.
You will not lose any data in this process.
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