How do I stop the "latin1_swedish ci collation" going into my tables when I load my sql files into phpmyadmin?
I don't have it set in any of my sql files.
I have apache/mysql/php/perl/phpmyadmin set up on my windows xp computer

there must be a delfault stting some place I can change?

Wht is the english setting?
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You probably want ascii_general_ci collation.

You can set the default collation at a server level in the my.ini file in C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0 folder (this is the default installtion folder for 5.0).


Note that this won't change the collation for the existing tables - you may need to either reimport them (making sure they don't specify a collation in the CREATE TABLE script) or explicitly alter the tables using ALTER TABLE tableName SET COLLATE=ascii_general_ci;

Thanks for the points!
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