Dell 4700c Incompatable Processor Detected

I upgraded my bios from a02 to a07 and now all I get is "`Alert! Incompatible Processor Detected. System Halted!" and I can't load any bootable disks or enter the bios settings, I also did not upgrade any hardware.

Can I upgrade the processor and get it working and if so what kind of processor will I need to get?
Can I somehow downgrade the bios back to a02?
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theprogeeksAuthor Commented:
I have the a02 bios but I still can't boot to ms-dos I can't laod any bootable cds and I don't have a floppy drive, and I can't access the bios settings to change the boot order try to boot from a usb key.

I don't even get a dell post screen anymore just goes right to "Alert! Incompatible Processor Detected. System Halted!"
try flashing it back then stepping up the bios revs, i wouldnt suggest flashing more than 2 revs at a time. so you you want to go from a02-a04-a06-a07(the older versions will be availble on dells website). If you have issue flasing back to a02 do it from dos and add /forcetype to the command (dive letter):4700CA02.EXE /forcetype and thet should force the bios back to a02. If you are unable to boot to a floppy to do this, try jumpering the cmos jumper to reset it its located right next to the cmos battery on the motherboard. To clear the setting turn the system off and unplug power remove the the jumper from pins 1 and to and put it on 2 and 3, then plug power in and press the power button it wont turn on, now turn it off unplug power and put the jumper back. power it back on if it gives the same error there is a good chance the bios got corrupted by flashing so many revisions ahead.
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he cannot flash since he can't boot . . . that's a nice example why i always say if the bios flash is not needed for a specific purpose, don't do it - you may have a dead system.
Ways to get around it : order a bios chip from HP
or here :                              replace bios                                        "          "                                    bad bios chip                                    Bios upgrade

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theprogeeksAuthor Commented:
I did have a reason for flashing the bios I was trying to get dual monitors installed but when connected a monitor to the on-board video controller it  boots with the error "Your computer has a 3rd party video card and you have plugged your monitor to the on-board video adapter please remove the monitor form the on-board video and plug it in to the 3rd party video card and reboot."

If I pull out the 3rd party video card it boots with the on-board video.

I went into the BIOS and selected on-board video as default and it still didn't work.

The motherboard is dead. But I got lucky and found a replacement motherboard.
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