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Here is a problem i face with our POS software.

we used a custom software for everything, sales, inventory, and so on.. now the software has a lot of custom parts to it, and the software company that does it, often finds bugs, and we need to udpdate.  The software runs of a server, so this is what i have to do now to get my whole company updates.

Each remote site is also has a server with the sites database, the database syncs every 15 min to head office.

All of the steps are manual.

1. server downloads the new update from online.
2. the update get's installed.
3. at fist login at the server it tell me that it need to update the database, i run the update, click next couple of times and done.  now all the client pc that connect to the datebase after the update are forced to update, that's done auotmaticly, they just have to agree to update by clicking ok at fist logon after server has been updated.

So i have to do this for every site and main office, Because we have some users who travel between sites, and they can be on a higher version the a site, so if they log on they will foce the server to update, and if that happends all the clients at that site will freeze, and they have to re log in and that causes a problem, they can not update, because the server didn't download the update into the update folder, that's the folder fromwhich the clients run the update.

So i need to know how can do so that i update the head office domain, which is the main one, and it will force the remote site domain to update automatically, and once a user with a latop comes he will always be on a lower version, so at 1st lonon to the domain that laptop or user on the laptop will be automtically updated.

thanks.. wow i think i'm lost in my own
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sounds like you have the ideal application for a Terminal Server.  Then you install the application once on the server and everyone connects to it to use it.  When you need to update, you update the install on the terminal server and everyone has the update.
intellie_exAuthor Commented:
well no, I have a server in remote sites, and i have client pc, that connect to it using SQL engine.
Hi intellie_ex,

I think i know what you are getting at but i dont know if windows will actually provide the functionality that you are looking for, it sounds more like something that needs to be incorporated into the POS system itself. Being a third party app, there is no integrated feature at such that will puch these updates down for you.

you could look at setting some kind of task that notifies all servers at the same time but i think that would require a lot of scripting and configuration

we also have a similar situation at the moment that we are looking at except we dont share a Data Base. Each site whilst sharing AD will contain its own SQL DB with information unique to that store, they do however get the programs updated by us which at the moment we hve to dial in and manually update. To counter this we have been looking at management suites such as LANDESK and MANAGESOFT, which with a bit of time and configuration, can be customised to push updates out through a central source - kind of like WSUS for windows. Central server download, and then notifies and pushes out the updates to target servers.

thats just another option that you may want to look into depending on financial limits etc...

hope it helps a bit :)


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intellie_exAuthor Commented:
Hm, looked at lankdesk, sound like exactly what i'm looking for... u have any prices for this software?
with LANDESK you are best off talking to their consultants and they will come out and talk to you about it - for us we were looking at 1000's of licenses so they came and chatted pricing     it will vary for each company, LANDESK was great but managesoft was actually just as good and better on pricing

i would just call them and ask them to arrange a meeting with you - they show you examples and working envronments etc    very impressive software
intellie_exAuthor Commented:
so what is this licensing, is it per user or device?

and how much per station? or let's say we have about 150 stations in out company
its per device licensing       the more stations you have the cheaper it can be   but you may only be looking at pushing to your servers depending on your POS system setup

i Honestly cant give you pricing due to confidentiality restrictions, but you will be able to get a roundabout figure on the phone - its a justifiable expense though put it that way :)
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