How to remove Spyware Quake & Zolob infection ?

How to remove Spyware Quake  and Zolon ?
have tried using the smitRem.exe and FixSF.reg, but no luck
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Hi livingstoneitdept,

before you run any fix programs, disable system restore... it harbours malware

If I were you I would not turn System Restore off just yet. Things can happen while getting rid of malware off your system that you might need to go back, and if you turn it off you have no restore points to go back to.
 You can flush system restore points later when you're clean that's not a problem. Viruses in system Restore are NOT ACTIVE, they are harmless until you used that particular infected ssytem restore point.

Did you just downloaded smitrem or are you using an older one? smitrem gets updated often. Smitrem alone can not remove SpywareQuake.

Download SmitRem.exe. When downloading smitRem.exe save it to your desktop.
Double-click on the smitRem.exe file.

Click on the Start button and the program will start extracting the files into a folder on your desktop called smitRem. When it is finished, click on the OK button. If you look on your desktop you will now see a folder called smitRem. Don't run it yet.

Next, please reboot your computer in Safe Mode:

Open the "smitRem" folder, then double click the "RunThis.bat" file to start the tool. Follow the prompts on screen.  Your desktop and icons will disappear and then reappear again --- this is normal.
Wait for the tool to complete and Disk Cleanup to finish --- this may take a while; please be patient.

Reboot your computer back to normal mode.

Download roguescanfix.exe , and save it to your desktop.

Double click roguescanfix.exe to install it.
Open the roguescanfix folder, and doubleclick run.bat.
Your desktop and icons will disappear and then reappear again, this is normal.
Wait till te message "Completed script execution" appear, then click OK.
Click "Exit" to close BFU.
Click "OK" to start the SpywareQuake/Spyfalcon uninstaller, after that click "uninstall".
Please wait until it is finished.

Download this small file from the link to your desktop.(to clear the zones)

Right-click on the deldomains.inf file and select 'Install'

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wont debate with you on viruses after looking at your profile - i just find it hard to beat malware with system restore turned on, spose i just found the easy way out  

cheers :)
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NOTE: After you've installed DelDomains.inf.
If you have SpywareBlaster you need to re-enable ALL protection.
If you have IESpyAds, also re-install all protection.
If you're using Spybot's "immunize" feature, you have to again click "immunize"
Hi Jay_Jay,
Viruses in System Restore can't do anything to harm the system. They don't interact with your system. They will only become active when the user go back and use that particular infected restore point. I've heard enough incident that while cleaning the system of malware something happens to the system and the user had no choice but to reformat, because they didn't have restore points to go back to.

So the best time to flush those restore points would be when you're not doing anything to your pc.

The reason why Symantec and many antivirus scanners suggest to turn system restore off is because the scanning time is cut back. The other reason is to minimize the chances of "hangs". Some scanners tend to "hang" when scanning this volume, happens to SpySweeper :)
thanks for that - i wasnt aware, cheers :)
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