I've mapped a drive to a W2K3 server folder. But whenever the workstation re-boots it requires an Administrator password.

How can I avoid always having to type in the administrator password when my workstation reboots and connects a Windows XP mapped drive to the Windows Server 2003 folder?  I have an application that needs its data to be accessible to all workstations, so the server seems like the natural place to put it.  But the users can't be always having to enter the administrator password.  (When I map a drive on a Windows XP workstation to another Windows XP workstation, it works fine.)

Dwight BaerStudentAsked:
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if NOT on a domain enviroment, then the logged in username and password must be IDENTICAL on the machine hosting the share, im guessing that from XP to XP that the factory username of "owner" with a blank pass is getting it done.  Follow e-ryno for a domain enviroments, if its a workgroup, user and pass must match.  Thats was its trying to authenticate with and when it does not match, its asking you to fix th problem.
Hi dwightbaer04,

what folder permissions do you have set on the actual folder that your mapping to? have you given the user enough permissions to access it ??

My solution would be to create a domain local group for your users or you can use 'Domain Users' if every user needs access.  You must give the group (and/or individual users) the appropriate permissions both at the share level and the file system level.  Keep in mind that the most restrictive permissions always prevail, so if you give the user 'Full Control' at the file system level and the user only has 'read only' permissions at the share level the user will only be afforded 'read only' and vice versa.
*** NOTE:  I am assuming that you are using a domain environment.
Dwight BaerStudentAuthor Commented:
Thank you very very much, tray_jones and e-ryno.  

It is a workgroup environment, I haven't got the domain set up yet.

I can't believe how long this thing has been irritating me, why didn't I ask Experts-Exchange sooner?  :)
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