Problems with brand new Nvidia GeForce 6200 OC!!!!

I am new to the whole pc gaming scene. After continuous ranting from my bros who all play warcraft, i finally decided to get out of the dark ages and by a new graphics card. I have a Gateway PERFORMANCE 1500 CS. All I had to do was take out the old graphics card from the cpu and replace it with the new one. I did this , it clicked in, and it was fine. I followed all the steps in the installation guide, my computer recognized the new card and everything was cool until i restarted. When i did that the gateway logo came on distorted(split in half) then the microsoft xp logo came on and then slowy the whole screen froze and blurred into white. it lasted the usual amount of time it takes to boot up. welcome screen came on and everything was cool but the whoel thing about booting up was nagging me. So i said screw it and install F.E.A.R. which i just bought brand new. I loaded it with ease until it came time to play the game. When I pressed the play button the screen turns black as it would with any game but the the whole screen freezes and fades into white. I can hear the game music playing in the background but the screen is white. After franctically trying to figure out the problem i ran a diagnostics test from the run menu. I ran the tests and figured out what might possibly be wrong, the direct draw test. Its supossed to show a bouncing white box in full screen but when it starts the test i get the "fade-into-white" screen. So im pretty sure thats what worng? but who knows. I came to you guys looking for answers cuz i really dont want to spend $150 on that geek squad raiding my house to tell me i have a problem when i know i do and then leaving me a bill. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
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It all tends to point to the possibility that you :

(a) haven't installed the correct drivers properly or fully
(b) you need to upgrade your version of DirectX to a more recent version.

First off, download and install the most recent graphics driver for your operating system.  You haven't said what that is, so start here and enter the details:
The nVidia Drivers are what they call "unified".  In other words, one driver is for a lot of different cards.

They always recommend uninstalling the current graphics driver before installing the new one.

As far as DirectX is concerned, you can check your version from the dialogs where you ran the "diagnostics" tests (Start Menu > Run > and type DXDIAG > click OK).
The DirectX Version is shown near the bottom of the "System" tab with two references eg.
"DirectX 9.0 (4.09.0000.0900)".
The first part is what the version is generally referred to by, ie. 9.0, and if yours is showing anything less than that eg. 8.1, then I suggest you download and install version 9.0 c from here:

DirectX 9.0c Redistributable for Software Developers - Multilingual

This package is the end-user redistributable installer that software distributors can add this to their CD's.

The difference between this and the "web installer" version is that the "web installer" only updates what it needs to directly over the internet.  I never recommend installing anything directly over the Internet, so I suggest this one which is the version included with Windows XP SP2, although it is compatible with the following operating systems:
Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, XP Media Center Edition, XP Service Pack 1.

RIGHT-Click on link below > Save TARGET As > Save.  33 MB.

Go offline before installing it, because being online at a reboot can cause a system hang that could mess up the installation.

Alternatively, get the 2006 release (the above redistributable is from 2004).  The Feb 2006 release is also multilingual but is a larger download at 49 MB:

NOTE: DirectX is NOT uninstallable, so be sure to read the notes on the above pages about creating a System Restore Point in Windows XP and ME, if that's what you have installed.

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Ignore my questions about your OS, I see you talk about the XP Logo in your question.
In that case, here is the most recent driver for your nVidia GeForce 6200 OC card:

nVidia ForceWare Release 80, Version: 84.21
Release Date: March 17, 2006
WHQL Certified <-------- Important for Windows XP which likes "Signed Drivers".

RIGHT-Click > Save TARGET As > Save to download for later offline installation. 

Installation Hints:

Release Notes:

Display Properties User's Guide (Release 80)

nView 3.5 Desktop Manager User's Guide (Release 80)
Chris BRetiredCommented:
Did you plug in the power connector?

Chris B
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jtown85Author Commented:
What power connector are you talking about?
jtown85Author Commented:
i ran my diagnostics and i do have the latest version of direct x 9.0c. i then tried to download
nVidia ForceWare Release 80, Version: 84.21 but half-way thrugh the install it says it is WHQL this point i just want to say thanx for all the feedback and help but i think im better off just returning it to the store and getting a better card, maybe a  ATI RADEON X800 PRO 256MB DDR AGP Graphics Card hopefully it wont consist of the same problems im having now
I'm curious about that one also.  The only power connector I can see in the images linked to below is the short twin wires from the fan to the small power socket on the card.  Presumably that's just so that you can change the fan, or the card may also have some kind of thermal sensor that speeds up or slows down the fan as required.

burrcm may be correct though.  If the power connector isn't fitted, then the fan won't spin, and if the chip overheats it could cause similar video problems.

I don't suppose that you have been messing with overclocking settings, have you?
nVidia Drivers usually add additional advanced display options that allow geeky gamers to tweak the performance to the absolute outside edges of stable performance as shown in the screenshot of the "overclock" dialog:

That dialog shows that it is for the 6200 TC card, but your display properties will most likely show similar settings.  Note also the "fan always on" tick-box shown.  If you have somehow managed to overclock the card beyond stable performance, click the "restore defaults" button.

I'm trying to find the details of your gateway Performance 1500 CS on their support site, but it doesn't seem to list that range and model.

What I wanted to check was what speed the AGP Slot supports.  When AGP was first introduced in Pentium II boards, it was limited to 1x or 2x.  Modern motherboards support cards up to AGP 8x.
Correct me if I am wrong, but is your system a Pentium 4 1.5 GHz system that came with a 32 MB nVidia GeForce2 MX200 graphics card?
Minimum system requirements for Sierra's F.E.A.R. game:

System Requirements


Windows XP, x64 or 2000 with latest service pack installed
DirectX 9.0c (August Edition) or higher
Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or equivalent processor
512 MB of RAM or more
64 MB GeForce 4 Ti or Radeon 9000 video card
Monitor that can display in 4:3 aspect ratio
16-bit DirectX 9.0 compliant sound card with support for EAX 2.0


Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or equivalent processor
A 256 MB Radeon 9800 Pro or GeForce FX 5900 or equivalent supported DirectX 9 compliant video card with hardware T&L and pixel shader 2.0 support
Sound Blaster X-Fi series sound card


ATI Radeon 9000 Series, Radeon 9500 Series, Radeon 9600 Series, Radeon 9700 Series, Radeon 9800 Series, Radeon X600 Series, Radeon X700 Series, Radeon X800 Series, Radeon X850 Series

NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti series, GeForce FX 5900 series, 6600 series, 6800 series, 7800 series.
jtown85, sorry, I missed that feedback while trying to check out a few things for you.

I'm puzzled by your statement that "half-way through the install it says it is WHQL Certified".
That is ideally what you should be looking for.  WHQL stands for "Windows Hardware Quality Labs", and this means that the software or hardware has passed exhaustive quality tests that allow it to sport the "Designed for Windows" logo and/or a listing on the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).

Windows 2000 and XP are pernickety about drivers that are not WHQL Certified, which is why that latest driver download specifically states that it is a WHQL version.  When you ran DXDIAG you may have been prompted to "check for and report non-WHQL Digitally Signed drivers".  That's there so you have an idea whether a driver may not be compliant or compatible.
Hold on, I think I see what you have tried:

>>> "I then tried to download nVidia ForceWare Release 80 Version 84.21, but half-way through the install it says it is WHQL Certified" <<<

Did you click on the link, and then choose the option to "Open" (or Run from source or similar wording) rather than download the file for later OFFLINE installation?

If so, then this is something you should avoid.  There are too many things that can go wrong when allowing installers to run from an online link.  Instead, RIGHT-CLICK on the link:

and choose the option to "SAVE TARGET AS".
Choose your destination folder, eg. your Desktop or some other folder you created, and SAVE the file "84.21_forceware_winxp2k_english_whql.exe" there.

Go OFFline before double-clicking on the downloaded file.
jtown85Author Commented:
Ok wierd, BillDL i just went on to gateway support and ran the curretn config tab and this is what it pulled up,  

Intel Pentium 4, 1500 MHz
100MHz external bus
Intel Corp. GB85010A.15A.0046.P13.0108201551 08/20/2001
128MB physical
90% free resources
4 memory slots, 2 free (64+64+0+0)
Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 6200
Screen Area/Colors: 1024x768 pixels, 16 million colors
Monitor: PTS 34303
C:\ (FAT32) 19444MB total, 1768MB free
D:\ CD-ROM/CD-RW or DVD Drive
E:\ (FAT32) 19083MB total, 2653MB free
F:\ CD-ROM/CD-RW or DVD Drive
Network and Modem
(net) Linksys Linksys LNE100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter(LNE100TX v4) #2
(net) Microsoft Direct Parallel
(modem) BCM BCM V.90 56K Modem
Operating System
Windows XP SP1 (Windows XP 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1)
Original setup date: 12/23/2003
DirectX Version: 5.3.0000001.0904 built by: private/Lab06_dev(DXBLD00)
File cache managed by Windows
MSIE 6.0; 5.1; (R1 1.5)
Proxy: No proxy set
HTTP level: direct 1.1, proxy 1.0
Scripting version:
Now some of this makes sense to me and most doesnt. I recently was in some forums over the net and saw that alot of people say that the GeForce 6200 OC is a **it card and that i basically wasted my money when i could have just saved up another 200 bucks and got the latest 7 series and would have avoided this problem(s) is this true cuz im leaning towards what every body is saying and buy a 7 series
How to uninstall existing nVidia Graphics Card Drivers before installing the more recent ones:
Chris BRetiredCommented:
<<The PCB in GeForce built on NV44A has been simplified as compared to 6200 (NV43) - there is neither HSI bridge nor an additional power connector.>> Wrong again. It doesn't have one. Most of these newer hi power cards do however, and if it isn't plugged in they aren't happy.

Chris B
I'm always amazed by all these game addicts who argue vehemently about what cards are the best, and what ones suck.  I read motherboard reviews where the asses deduct points from the score because the makers used a diarrhoea brown/green colour instead of some highlighter-pen green or red colour.  Who cares, it's inside the case where nobody should give a damn what colour it is as long as it works.

Some total game geeks will make sweeping statements like "all ATi cards suck, buy an nVidia", or "I hate the colour of ATi cards", while others may say the reverse.  These guys are stuck in their bedrooms playing with customised cases that looks like fairground rides with neon-lit fans as big as dinner plates in the sides of the case.  Many of them literally live and breathe the sad fantasy world of ultra reality games, so I wouldn't necessarily take what they say as gospel.  Sorry if I have just slated your brothers there :-)

So, where some ass states "the GeForce 6200 OC card is **it", then you have to wonder whether he is basing his opinions on his own experience, or those from some other equally opinionated ass who didn't like the look of the card.  There ARE, however, some of those dedicated gamers who DO know what they are talking about - it's just hard to figure out which ones are spouting their own ideas and opinions.

Now, unfortunately I am not into the gaming scene as you may have gathered.  It doesn't really interest me much at all, but getting computer systems and hardware working DOES interest me.

There's a couple of things I notice with the details you provided, when comparing those to the minimum spec for that F.E.A.R. game:

1.5 GHz Processor may be considered a bit too slow for good game performance.

128 MB of System Memory is really piddly by todays standards, especially when playing games.  It might be OK for many other general things like word processing and some limited graphics editing, but even the Internet will place demands on that.  Gaming will die a death with 128 MB of RAM.  Increase the memory to a minimum of 512 MB for Windows XP, but preferably 1GB if you can afford it.  You have 2 x 64 MB sticks in 2 of 4 available memory slots which decreases your options slightly.  You could do something like buy 2 x 256 or 2 x 512 MB sticks and keep the old ones as spares, or buy a single 512 MB stick and later buy another the same size as and when you can afford it.

Your C: Drive is quoted as having 1768 MB free.  That's about 1.7 GB free space.  A large proportion of that would be used as "Virtual Memory" (swap file) when doing memory-intensive things that need a LOT more memory than your 128 MB of system memory, eg. modern games.  In other words, your hard drive is used as overflow memory.  You, however, have the virtual memory DISABLED, which means that all the game (and other memory-intensive activities) can use is 128 MB of memory, and also the graphics card's memory for its display functions.  That is bound to be causing a real bottleneck that could be alleviated a bit by installing more RAM.
So, what I am saying is that you are in a situation where you have to compromise.  An incredibly expensive graphics card isn't going to be a worthwhile investment when it actually has more physical memory than your computer, and the 1.5 GHz Processor is considered a bit old-hat and far too slow for many power users or gamers.

I have a 1.7 GHz Pentium 4 with 512 MB RAM and a 128 MB graphics card as my main workhorse.
I wouldn't consider that high enough spec to play some of the modern games even if I was interested.
I'm glad you came back with that feedback.  I had just found an image in google for a card with similar chipset that showed the external power connector.

You will be much better qualified than me to cast your eye over the "supported chipsets" from that Sierra page and know off the top of your head where the 6200 card falls into place.

Feel very free to comment on or contradict the observations in my last comment.  I won't be offended - really :-)
They are based on educated guesswork rather than hard factual data or specifications, and your technical know-how in this area is definitely more extensive.

What do you reckon jtown85's options are?
jtown85Author Commented:
So BillDL, what your basically trying to say is that with the X amount of dollars im willing to invest in upgrading my pc, i should take the memory route rather than the graphics card. Cuz it does make sense to me that the game i bought is in some way or another better than my computer? lol if this is true then im definitely going to get some memory sticks with that refund on the graphics card hehe.
Another thing that MIGHT improve performance with your system is installing more recent "chipset drivers".
The AGP slot, IDE ports, and the motherboard's controller chips all require drivers to be installed so that the add-on cards, etc, can all interface with the motherboard properly.

In some cases, installing more recent chipset drivers can improve the overall performance or fix hardware issues.

Download, install, and run the following freeware diagnostics program to gather a report that will give you dates and versions of the chipset drivers, amongst other things.  You would need to know the make, model number, and revision of the motherboard before looking at the gateway or motherboard manufacturer's support site for the correct drivers.

Belarc Advisor version 7.1h

Creates results in a local web page as the report:
c:\program files\belarc\advisor\system\tmp\(COMPUTERNAME).html

You MAY also get some good and accurate details from the last freeware release (2.20) of Everest before it went retail:
Not strictly kosher downloading from a 3rd-party independent site, but they shouldn't have got greedy :-)
We're crossing paths with comments here, aren't we?

Yes that's my honest opinion, although I would verify that the online diagnostics correctly reported the spec.
Either of the above utilities will provide you with details of how much memory is installed.  In some cass it may also tell your the model number of the memory if the sticks are made by a company like Crucial.

Crucial has a good online "memory advisor" that selects compatible memory from the system details you input:
Step through it to the "Performance" series, and you will see that you have two different "1500" models, ie. the SDRAM and the RDRAM models.

Nothing is suggested for the RDRAM choice, so it's a fair guess (but will have to be verified) that yours takes standard SDRAM (ie. 168-pin unbuffered non-parity 3.3 volt SDRAM DIMM) memory sticks.
Crucial Results:
If you look at the results of your online diagnostics report, you will see that the "External Bus" is shown as 100 MHz.  Generally, that would mean using what is referred to as PC100 memory.  It will accommodate the faster PC133 (ie. 133 MHz bus speed memory), but will only interface at 100 MHz.  PC133 memory now tends to be cheaper than PC100 because it is more common.

Note the "Maximum Memory" shown at the left of that Crucial page.  It states that the motherboard can only accommodate a maximum of 512 MB, but this could be wrong as it also tells you there are only two memory slots.  Your online diagnostics report says you have 4 slots.  All of this can be verified by a visual inspection and a look at the motherboard manual that came with the computer.

If it verifies the details about the type of memory suggested by Crucial, you can either shop around for the EXACT same memory specification from another maker, or buy two of these (Crucial Part Number: CT231449 $60 each.):

You can run another online diagnostics from the Crucial site by permitting it to download and install a couple of components here:

The good thing about Crucial is that, if you choose the memory using their online advisor tool and the correct system details, and it turns out to be incompatible, you can get a full refund.

A maximum limit of 512 MB of PC133 memory isn't too bad, but it does limit the extent to which you can upgrade the computer.

Do you really want to play these games, or is it just peer pressure? :-)

Chris BRetiredCommented:
More qualified? I think not, however the card does not appear to be supported for this game, whereas the RADEON X800 certainly is. Doesn't explain the installation quirks though. <<128MB physical / SWAP FILE DISABLED>> This is not good spec wise. How do you get XP to run with 128MB of RAM and no swap file?? You REALLY want 512, and a swap file, set to system managed size. Does your system have an AGP aperture setting? If so, set it to half your RAM up to  256 max, i.e. if you have a gig of ram, leave the aperture at 256.

Chris B
I think we missed something. jtown85, are you running WinXP SP1? The latest drivers from nVidia are optimized for SP2. Have you tried upgrading to SP2 or would there be conflict with pre-existing apps? If you upgrade to SP2 I would suggest upgrading the systemboard drivers as well because SP2 has been known install generic IDE drivers which might slow your drive performance a little.

As for the 6200 having a power connector on it, I had a AGP 8X 6200 (EVGA) 'til I upgraded to a 7800GT (Also EVGA) and the 6200 did have a standard 12 volt power connector on the back end of the card. This may not be the case for all 6200s because nVidia doesn't really make the cards, just the chipsets, you will have variations in video card productions. My older MSI FX 5200 looked very different than than a buddy of mine that had an ASUS FX 5200. Just depends on the card manufacturer.

ATI run a little different as they build cards and allow other card makers to build cards with their chipsets. In my opinion, nVidia makes much better drivers but that is beside the point ;o)

I think that if you are willing to spend another $200 bucks on a VGA card, you might as well think about salvaging what you can from your current rig and building a whole new tower with better specs.
you can get a
ATX case
ASUS Mainboard
1GB DDR400 Kingston RAM
Sempron64 3000+

all for $350.00 ....added to your videocard...thats not a bad gaming rig.
Thank you war1 and GranMod
Chris BRetiredCommented:

Chris B
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