What Program is Capable of This?

I was just wondering -- would anyone know what type of program you would use to create a picture like this one

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Manvel N-YanCommented:
it's not bad too :

or try this one for do an animated morphing :

and here you have a light exemple :
BlckBlt2Author Commented:
I've tried several morphing applications, winmorph - smartmorph - morphman etc. but they just don't seem to be exactly what I'm looking for -- unless I'm just not quite performing the operation correctly
This is not one picture, three different pictures of the dog is morphed with three different pictures of "mouths" and then combined at one place.
And this type of thingies can be easily done using Photoshop.
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If you want a free program, use GIMP (aka The GIMP).

It's short for the Gnu Image Manipulation Program. http://www.gimp.org.

The Win32 version is at: http://www.gimp.org/windows/
BlckBlt2Author Commented:
sOul -- www.photoshopbuddy.com --- that's excellent --- I have Photoshop CS2 and have a general ability with it but that's a sight I definitely can use to find out the full capacity of that massive software.  I was generally curious if there was a program that was explicity designed to converting parts of a face -- I have a program that warps faces with elongation and distortion but the task I have to do was making me look, I suppose, for facial recognition software allowing me to simply recognize facial characteristics and replace them with chosen others.  I'm thinking that Photoshop CS2 is gonna be what I end up using though.
BlckBlt2Author Commented:
Sorry guys -- I've had two surgeries in the last month -- I've gotten behind on all the questions I've posted -- I'm trying to catch up.  Forgive Me
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