Group Policy

I have a W2K domain with all clients running W2K Professional.

All clients are able to logon to domain
All clients run logon scripts successfully
No network connectivity problems

When I go to the domain controller and set a group policy it fails to affect any of the work stations.

Steps taken so far:

Open Active Directory Users and computers
Right-click on domain or OU (have tried both)
Choose properties
Click on Group Policy Tab
Edit Default Policy or Create new one (have tried both)
Expand User Configuration
Expand Administrative Templates
Click on Desktop
Hide Network Neighbourhood icon on Desktop
Enable this policy
Close Group Policy Window
Click OK
Close Active Directory Users and Computers

Open command prompt
Issue secedit commands to refresh policy user and machine and used the /enforce switch
Restart Server
Restart Workstations
Wait 90 minutes

Still no implementation of policy

Any ideas


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If you want to se active policy you can type gpresult /V from client.

Hi rcocker,

lots of group policy issues are related to DNS

check your dns settings on your clients and make sure they point to the server

also check the event logs on the client machines

Check the properties of the GPO ensure that User Configurations Settings have not been disabled for this GPO, also check that your Users have read and apply permissions over this GPO.
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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
And...  many GP settings require 2 reboots of the client machines..  regardless whether you use the 'refresh' command..

Also, run the RSOP against your GPO and see if it will tell you anything:;en-us;323276
rcockerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all comments, it was largely a DNS issue.

cool cool
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