Every 5-10 minutes we have to release then renew all computers on our local network to get internet???

Our small office (15 computers) has a SOHO firewall box that we needed to do a soft reset of the other day.  The reboot was done from within the SOHO.  Since doing this, all of the computers on the network will only be on the internet for 5-10 minutes.  Rebooting doesn't get them back on, however typing the ipconfig /release then /renew gets each workstation back on for another 5-10 minutes, then you have to do it again.  

The lease on the firewall is set to never expire, why is everyone getting kicked off so quickly?  We have reset the firewall but this didn't fix the problem. We upgraded the firmware about 9 months ago.  Finally, we focus on this box because it is the one handing out IP addresses (DHCP), which it has done just fine for the last two years.  Did I kill it when i reset it?  Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?  Thanks,

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Hi ChicagoComputers,

you can try flashing the firmware again    does your router have a log file internally??

I would also try setting up one of your computers with a static address to see if the computer has the same type of issues (it probably wont).

Can you ping stuff on the internet while this is down? Next time try to ping when the internet is down, also try to ping google.com.
I wouldn't set the lease to never expire. You want to have some turnover of addresses in cases where computers come and go.
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