ati all in wonder 9600xt multiple screen setup help

I have an  ati all in wonder 9600xt video card installed with the latest catalyst software and just installed a vga to hdtv adapter, and connected that to a 32" toshiba colorstream tv. I have the tv getting a nice clean picture except for some slight jumpiness on some applications. But my real problem is that no matter how I configure the settings in the catalyst software or display properties I cant get the size of the image to fit all inside mt tv screen. I have it down to 800x600 resolution on the tv connection through display properties but it stil isn't enough. I would like to know if I might be doing something wrong,if there is something else I can try doing or, do I just need a bigger tv screen.
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The premier utility for adjusting your resolution is PowerStrip:

With this you'll easily be able to get the image to fit nicely in your TV.
cyrax01Author Commented:
thanks for the help guys, for some reason my tv screen just wont work on the resolution that fits the screen but, the programs you guys recommended are realy usefull. Thanks ones again.
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