Best wat to Minimize Picture Resolution

i have a JPG picture with the following resolution 2339 Pixels Width * 1654 Pixels Height
i need to minimize the resolution to  320 pixels width by 350 pixels height
can some one guide me the best way to do so without loosing the clearance of the picture.

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Image Resizer PowerToy:

You can resize one or many images at a time - This is a great tool to have.

However this can also be done in applications such as Adobe Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Irfanview etc.

However, like SheharyaarSaahil says you will lose a lot of clearance. Especially as what you are wanting to do is resize a picture outside of its natural aspect ratio.

Resizing the image to 320w x 226h or 495w x 350h will give you a much better (less pixelated result)

Hope this helps!
here a nice program : Picture resizer :
you will certainly gonna loose the clearance of the picture if you will change its reslution to that much difference.
Even with photoshop, the picture will become blurred upon that much change in the size.
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I use Irfanview for that:

It's freeware.  Click Image, Resize/Resample.

You're looking at resizing the image retaining maximum quality. You should study the page [] which gives you the meaning of interpolation and the technicalities of how an image is/ should be resized.
I'd recommend resizing it in steps using bicubic interpolation [Also called stairstep interpolation].

"There are many other interpolators which take more surrounding pixels into consideration, and are thus also much more computationally intensive.  These algorithms include spline and sinc, and retain the most image information after an interpolation.  They are therefore extremely useful when the image requires multiple rotations / distortions in separate steps.  However, for single-step enlargements or rotations, these higher-order algorithms provide diminishing visual improvement as processing time is increased."
-- Exceprt from

If you have Phtoshop [], use the Stairstep Plugin [].
Otherwise, I'd suggest downloading The GIMP [] and using the resize-stairstep plugin []. I estimate that you'll have to resize 8-12% per step to achieve the best results. Beyond that, it's trial and error to fine-tune and achieve the best final image as that would depend on your image.
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Use Adobe photoshop.

Open the file.
Then create a new file with 320 pixels width by 350 pixels height resolution.

Then goto your orginal file, select all (Ctrl+A). Copy (Ctrl+C).

Then paste that thing into newly created file (Ctrl+V).

Then press (Ctrl+T).
then scale down your picture until 320 pixels width by 350 pixels height resolution is reached.

BR Dushan
Wooky JackCommented:
Follow what Dushan911 said but after you hit (Ctrl+T) make sure you hold Shift down and then resize the image so it will resolution size will drop evenly.  Then unclick and then let go of Shift and you should have your image!
Just split the points between all those who posted comments relating to the question.
I think the comments that offered some guidance/advice such as mine, bk's and Dushan's, answer the question a little better. I would suggest a 3 way split: shuboarder , bk_jreinstein , Dushan911
fine with me
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
no problem.
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