How can I print a double value 0.0 to 0.00?


I am trying to print a string value to Double .But i need to print in different format..

I have used the following code

String s1 = "2"
String s2 = ".1"
Double d1 = new Double(s1);
Double d2 = new Double(s2);
System.out.println("First double"+d1+"### Second double "+d2);

Its pirnting
 FirstDouble 2 ### Second double 0.1.

But i want it be printed as
d1 as 2.00 and  d2 as 0.10

How can it be possible?


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System.out.printf("%.2f\n", d2.doubleValue());
NumberFormat nf = new DecimalFormat("0.00");
s1 = nf.format(d1.doubleValue());
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vijayamAuthor Commented:
I am getting the output,but it is as string but i need it as Double.

DecimalFormat df  = new DecimalFormat("0.00");
FieldPosition fp = new FieldPosition (NumberFormat.INTEGER_FIELD);
StringBuffer sb= new StringBuffer();
sb = df.format( d1 , sb, fp );

then its printing sb as 2.00

But i need it to be as Double  that's why  i coverted this to string and

Double dd = new Double(sb.toString());

then its printing,same 2 again...what should i do,if i want to print 2.00 as Double object.

The representation of an object, when materialized as a String, has a varying relation to its binary content. In the case of numbers, or object wrappers of numbers, the binary form is, and should be, distinct and different
doubles are floating point values, you cannot format them directly.
you format them in a string as required

System.out.println("First double"+nf.format(d1.doubleValue())+"### Second double "+nf.format(d2.doubleValue()));
Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
A double/ Double holds the *value*, not the *format*.
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
>> A double/ Double holds the *value*, not the *format*.

>> But i need it to be as Double
That's the value
>> then its printing,same 2 again
That's the format

Your request is like saying I have this

      int i = 2;

and I want it to be 0002 instead of 2.

2 is the value, 0002 is the format, just a representation.
Your Double is 2.0, how you represent it is your choice.
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