Creating a VPN

What are the steps to create a VPN. And what are the configuration to be done to allow someone to access his work computer from his laptop while on the field?
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You need two things, a CLIENT and a SERVER.  Most popular operating systems have a VPN client included.  Most server OSs have a VPN server capability.

Under Windows Server you create a VPN server by enabing it under the ROUTING AND REMOTE ACCESS control panel.

On Windows clients you create a VPN connection in the same place you do a dial-up connection.

there are serveral ways to set up a VPN.

you can set up a software VPN from within windows, so someone can connect to a specific windows computer remotely.
this requires a VPN server and a VPN client to be set up

here is an article on how to set  up a VPN server
or here if you wish to use a vpn server installed within your 2003server

and here is a link to setting up the client on the laptop

or you can have a hardware based VPN so a user can connect back to the office network.

the hardware based VPN is better in my opinion, more stable and secure. the way it works is to have a hardware firewall/router such as 'sonicwall' that has a vpn lience, then the client would run a piece of software on his laptop that alows him to safely connect to his office LAN, once connected he would have access to all the ussual stuff on the network.

one think to mention is some routers seem to have issues allowing VPN pass through, so if you have connections issues and all else fails try another router.

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