How to concat PDF files

Hi all,

I'm looking for a free software (if possible) to concat PDF files.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance
Richard Coffree-commerce Product ManagerAsked:
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PDFTK Pdf Concatenator is a 100% freeware software which is simple to use.
You can download the windows version software from here:

For linux, bsd  or other os download from:

Hope this would help you :)
some background info - may be something that works for you in there

linux example

Greetings, pyxos !

ConCat/Split is a Windows Explorer context menu extension that provides two complementary facilities: 1. A split facility that lets you easily convert a single large file into several smaller ones. You can copy these smaller files onto floppy disks, or send them through email facilities that will not cope with large files. 2. A file concatenation facility that performs the same operation as the command line "copy /b SrcFile1+SrcFile2 [+SrcFileN] DestnFile" operation. With ConCat, you can append any number of files and store the result as a new file, or overwrite one of the original files.

The program is free to try

Best wishes!
Another free program you can consider is Software995's Pdf995 Suite (  The utility that does it is called PdfEdit995.  I've never used any of the other programs so I can't tell you if it's better or not.  I just know it works.  All the best in your software hunt! :)
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