WGA and so on..

I work at a small computer repair workshop where we sometimes get computers in where people have lost they're windows cd and so on. When trying to install with our CD they're key does not work sometimes even though its the same OS with the same service pack. What is the explanation for this? perhaps that our cd is older than theyre key? Would then a brand new CD work with ALL backwards keys? And is there any way around this problem? On some of these client computers we have just installed Windows with a standard cracked key (think it is a volume license key CG23X-...) Replacing the key afterwards with the original doesnt work either.
This ofcourse becomes a problem with Genuine Advantage Validation for our client.

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Hi cybergenie,

hmm i think ill just ignore that you mentioned dodgy Keys on EE - this is a very legit site and doesnt illicit illegal use of dodgy keys in any way

however, your problem  is most likely arising from the different types of licensing - OEM and OPEN licensing

OEM is usually distributed with a new PC and will not accept anything but an OEM key, the sticker on the bottom containing your serial key information will tell you if its OEM

if yout ry to use an OEM key with an normal CD it will fail and vice versa, manufacturers and distributors are obliged to give you a set of windows disks or at least a recovry package and the majority of the time they will send one out if lost


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you can also find that a normal SP2 disk wont work with an SP1 key due to Service pack versions and vice versa also
cybergenieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the fast reply.

hmm thought so...

How about Oem vs Retail?

hmm Retail is what i mean  by OPEN :)
And of course - the other type is Corporate.

This takes the form of Volume Licenses - and these will install on any pc - no activation or anything.

But, volume licensing requires a special cd with certain files on it to disable activation etc.

If you can get hold of one - these are priceless! You get to have unlimited installations etc.

Please note: You must obey the licensing agreement if you decide to purchase and use volume licensing. This means that you cannot legally use the software on more than the client licenses you have purchased.

Also - with a volume license - you install the Genuine Advantage Validation - and it goes straight through.

One last thing - you can slipstream a vanilla XP/SP1 corporate cd - e.g. upgrade it to SP2 - and no issues.

Using volume licensed media is the proper way around your problem - you just have to pay for it...
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