Change a filename in excel VBA to a new month e.g. accountsfeb.xls to accountsjan

Posted on 2006-03-29
Last Modified: 2012-05-05

On a worksheet I have a list of months with the current month in a cell say a1

Current Month:  March

and so on..

I want to open a series of wbs each month each path is the same apart from the month that changes e.g

FundingJan.xls becomes FundingFeb.xls

A series of cells are linked to these wbs, I can just update the links by passing a variable into a find and replace statement
is there a way to split the filename so that the month can be read off a worksheet list

e.g Funding&A1&.xls , which would become


Any Ideas, probably straight forward any ideas?
Question by:1benjiman
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    Accepted Solution

    Have a look at these two examples I quickly put together, they should point you in the right direction:

    'this example shows how to replace the month when you know where it is
    Sub SimpleReplace()
        Dim strFilename As String
        Dim strMonth As String
        Dim strNewFilename As String

        strFilename = "FundingFebruary.xls"
        'Assume cell A3 contains the month you want to switch in
        strNewFilename = Left(strFilename, 7) & Worksheets("SheetName").Range("A3") & ".xls"
        Debug.Print strNewFilename
    End Sub

    'this example searchs a list for current month and displays the next
    Sub ReplaceUsingOffsetToGetNextMonth()
        Dim oRange As Range
        Dim strCurrentMonth As String
        Dim strFilename As String
        Dim strMonth As String
        Dim strNewFilename As String
        strFilename = "FundingApril.xls"
        'work out month from filename
        strCurrentMonth = Mid(strFilename, 8, Len(strFilename) - 11)
        'set our range to find this month in the range of cells A3->A14 which contain months of the year
        Set oRange = Worksheets("SheetName").Range("A3:A14")
        'find current month in this range
        Set oRange = oRange.Find(What:=strCurrentMonth, LookIn:=xlValues)
        'get the next month
        If oRange.Offset(1, 0).Value = "" Then
            'we found the end of the list, get the first value
            strMonth = Worksheets("SheetName").Range("A3")
            'there is a value here, so return it
            strMonth = oRange.Offset(1, 0).Value
        End If
        strNewFilename = Left(strFilename, 7) & strMonth & ".xls"
        Debug.Print strNewFilename
        Set oRange = Nothing
    End Sub
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