Script to modify a line in text file

I have a property file, and one of the line in it is like this:


I am writing a script to change the value of useDDSAgent to "false". It should be able to open the file, change the value, and save the file. How do I do that?

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sed can do the change, but outputs to a different file (you can't make sed overwirite the origina), so use mv to rename the file

sed -e 's/useDDSAgent=true/useDDSAgent=false/' myfile > myfile.tmp
mv myfile.tmp myfile

Also, depending on what version of sed you are running, there is also the -i option (only available in newer versions of sed).  With the -i option, you don't have to create any tmp file and perform moves after the fact.  The file gets modified in place.

So for example:
sed -i -e 's/useDDSAgent=true/useDDSAgent=false/' filename
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