Autocad 2007 installation

Hi all,

When im trying to install autocad 2007 on one machine it reaches the install file acad_NFW.CHM, and then causes the machine to blue screen, with a stop message of Kernel_Stack_inpage_Error.

I have checked the machine for malware.spyware viruses and have fully cleaned it. The machine itself is a p4 2.26, 1 gig ram, windows xpsp2 with all hotfixes.

This error happens everytime on this machine. Ive looked into the Kernel Stack error, it from what ive found this can either be a boot virus, or bad ram, however it is only this program installation that causes this error, apart from that the machine seems to run fine.

any ideas?


Paul WalshSystem AdministratorAsked:
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Close all windows and run chkdsk fron the command prompt, if bad rerun using chkdsk/f and reboot.

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Paul WalshSystem AdministratorAuthor Commented:
cheers guys, sorted it
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I am glad we could help. What did you do to solve the problem. This way your response can be put into the data base which your question becomes part of.

I always get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I can help some one. I spend about two hours a day commenting on questions. It is amaizing to see that most of the solutions are software related. The stores charge so much money solving software prblems.

I do have a suggestion for you.
Xp Pro is a very temprimental although stable program. Unfortunately when something goes wrong it is not as simple to fix as s win98

Thus I would recommend the following for your PC at home:
Purchase a new HD and make it a slave to the C drive. It should be at least as large as the C drive.
Format it with fat 32 or NFTS which should match your C drive.
Purchase Acronis True Image
Make a hard disk copy of your C drive to the new slave drive
Do this on a monthly basis.
Make a folder called, for example, 'database'
put all your data folders under it.
Now on a daily basis erase the 'database' from the slave drive.
Do a copy and paste of 'database' to the slave drive.
copy your favorites to the slave drive monthly. I have 400 URLs covering Win xp pro, win98
Download the following free boot manager.
Install it on the C drive. It fails once a year. It then will boot to the C drive. All you do is reinstall it.
Now boot the machine
A menu will appear
Now you can choose winxp pro
The alternative is the slave drive. The good thing is that the slave drive is bootable. Thus if you have been updating the 'database' you can recover immediately without moving hardware around.
The alternative is to make a baseline HD copy to the slave drive and schedule incremental back ups. The downside you need to restore the C drive which takes about an hour. This is why I like the first plan.

I had used Norton Ghost but for some reason it is more difficult to use.

Paul WalshSystem AdministratorAuthor Commented:

The check disk solved the problem, however i still dont get why it was only having a problem with one program, but hey the problem is solved and my user is happy!

thanks again

Kernal errors deal with the Page File.
Different installations require different amounts of the page file to be used........
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