Dell TrueMobile 1300 WLAN no longer starts

I have a Dell Inspiron 5150 notebook with a built on Truemobile 1300 WLAN card based on Broadcom's 43xx series of wireless adapters. The wireless component was working perfectly until i decided to format my computer and reload Windows XP Home SP1a. Now the with the driver installed I always get the error

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

and in the event viewer:
Dell TrueMobile 1300 WLAN Mini-PCI Card : Has encountered an internal error and has failed.

I have seen only 2 other posts with a similar problem but neither of them have solutions which work for me.
The only explanation offered in those posts was :
"It's a registry corruption in the networking section.  Unfortunately, after spending a total of weeks on this issue with multiple laptops and multiple PCMCIA cards, I found the only way to fix it is to reload the system from scratch.  (I'm sure there's a way to fix in the reg, but I haven't found it)  I've seen this with ethernet cards, wireless cards, modem cards, token ring cards, etc.   It's not the card or it's specific's windows.  Sorry for the bad news."

however I have formatted 3 times now and i am convinced this is not my problem.

I have tried:

3 different versions of the driver:
     The version which came with laptop from dell
     The latest version from dell's website.
     The version of the driver which was working before formatting
     (I couldn't find a copy of the driver from broadcom directly)

I have installed the driver immediately after a format and install of Windows XP. I have also installed it after formatting and updating windows completely and setting up everything else first.

I have formatted 3 times and made 100% sure my registry is in a good state.

I have tried setting the permissions on the PCI Registry hive as suggested in
other posts.

I have run FileMon and RegMon during the driver install to ensure that no files or registry keys are failing to be created/read due to permissions.

I have done the same while the driver is trying to run to ensure that it can access all the files and registry keys it is looking for.

I have tried changing all the properties on the wireless card to every possible value.

I have ensured that the card is enabled in the BIOS

I have ensured that no resource conflicts are preventing it from working

I have run dell diagnostics and Sandra revealing no issues with the card.

I have tried debugging the driver using WinDbg but i could not investigate to the level i desired because i do not have a serial connection and another computer.

With that being said my current analysis is this:
   -I am convinced the hardware is good because it was working until i formatted
   -I am sure the driver is not the issue since the driver that worked before doesn't work now and all the drivers behave the same way.
   -Some exception is being thrown at the very start of the Driver Init. I can only suspect that this is caused by a permission error to some resource but i'm not sure how to go about troubleshooting that. So far i can only rule out missing/inaccessible files and missing/inaccessible registry keys.

This one has got me really baffled. Any ideas on where to go from here?


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Put netstumbler on the laptop and see if it picks up anything;

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Can you try a different card in the laptop to see if it will work?
Update to SP2 first. Then download all the drivers for the laptop from the dell site, including the truemobile driver and install them. Also run windowsupdate to make your system current.
James_CromptonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your responses.

I tried netstumbler but unfortunately it cannot detect my wireless network card, which is what i would expect since it won't start.

As far as using another card that is probably a good idea. i don't have one at the moment but i will pick one up this weekend and see how that goes. that may help show where the problem are is.

As for SP2, i have tried this multiple ways. twice i have upgraded to SP2 and gotten all the latest drivers and updates etc. its the same result. Regardless of my OS updates and driver version the device will not start. I can only conclude that there is some dependent files i am missing which were on the system before the format or some program/settings were in place allowing this to work before which i don't have now.

As i've been searching around the net a lot of people have this same problem but no one has come up with a solution as far as i can see. :-(

I'll keep trying, and ill test a different net card this weekend.
Did you get the wireless card's driver from the dell site? Have you also made sure the card is connected properly (open the cover, remove it then snap it back in, also make sure the antenna wire(s) is attached to the card)?

You can also try getting a copy of knoppix and then booting the PC with that. Although you probably won't be able to use the wireless card in knoppix right away (you still need the windows drivers and setup ndiswrapper, which is included in knoppix but does need some user input), you should still be able to see the card in the info center.
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