send free sms from egypt to australia

i need a site that would allow me to send free sms from an egyptian fone to an australian one.

my problem is that most serivices would be dealing with a specific number of networks (either egypt or australia) nothing to suport both..

also i registered at but thy wont activate my egyptian fone number. i dont know the right format to write it 02-222-222-2222 ?? or what? really confused here!
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zzynxSr. Software engineerCommented:
noha-kandilAuthor Commented:
i tried this site. they provide some urls. but all of them require that u already have an australian number. + some of them arent free.

thankyou for searching though.
In when you type your email, select the country, you will see the mobile phone number display your country code. Just type in your mobile number after the country code without the leading  "0" (I am clueless as to how the numbers are in Egypt). I do not remeber having to put a "-" as a separator at all, even though it is displayed below as an exaple. is not available in all countries though.

Hope this helps you...
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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
You can use yahoo email or messenger to send sms..

 BR Dushan
Hi, this link will definitely work for you
If you want use please enter this format  Country Code + City code(if applicable) + Local number

Example if you are residing in Cairo 20-2-your phone number.

where 2 is City code of Cairo

I have checked it and it works!!!!
One more thing no hyphens between your phone number!!!!
noha-kandilAuthor Commented:
We do not support any networks in Egypt at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

and the same message i got for australia. looks like a cool site though. doesnt need any registration. i wonder to which networks do they suport then :s

about it dosnt suport egyptian sending.

thankyou al for ur help though.. i didnt find what i need yet..
noha-kandilAuthor Commented:
yahoo email and messenger both do not suport sending from egyptian number. + they charge the recipient!
Noha, I just want to confirm did you enter the phone number in the given format by me?

In country list egypt is one of the options in and when we select we will get the country code too. Then only you need to enter your city code and phone number as I told above. I have checked this with egyptian number.
noha-kandilAuthor Commented:
ye they tell me that im restricted to only 11 charcters. my phone number alone is 10 charctrs.. so the 202 would make it 13! i dont know why ppl like anyway, in fact its not that free as they claim to be!

ok to make this a little bit easier for both of us. i just need a site  to send free sms from an australian fone to australia. i checked with the person i want to send msgs and they dont mind registering with their phone number. so here is the deal. i tried worked like magic in the beginning, then they said that i only have two valid free sms at midnight only!! which is totally not what i want.

so someone plz help me out..
One more and may be lsat question. Do you want to only send SMS or you want to receive also?

The reason for asking this question is some sites provide unlimited access to send SMS's but you can not receive the reply if someone one replies through phone.

So, do you want to two way messaging or just one way?
Hi, here is the sms service for Australian mobile users

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noha-kandilAuthor Commented:
i only want to send. dont care for recieving.
noha-kandilAuthor Commented:
i hate the fact that i have to earn credits to send sms. it is free but for like a limited time. is the one i registered on. they gave me 10 credits and they go away everytime i send an sms. except ofcourse if i recomend it to a friend.. i get 10 points more! i really need a site that doesnt need credits.. unlimited!
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