Dell Poweredge 2550 PCI Video Card


I'm trying to get a PCI FX 5500 256MB video card installed and running in a Dell 2550 Dual 933 server. booting the machine up after phyiscally installing the hardware i lose all video.

Is there something i should be doing to disable the onboard card?

The reason for doing this is to set up a games server. the game i want to host requires you to have it running.

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Try this:

1) Remove the FX card and boot into Windows.
2) Change the display adapter setting to VGA.
3) Shutdown, install the new card, and boot up.
4) The system should come up using the new card in VGA mode.
5) Install the FX 5500 drivers, switch the adapter settings to use the new driver.
grantwatsonAuthor Commented:
will try that thanks
I suspect the problem is that this server automatically disables the onboard display adapter when you plug in one to the PCI bus.  But Windows tries to load the drivers for the old card which, of course, fail to work properly.

The VGA driver is the least-common-denominator among display adapters and should work in all cases.  This, BTW, is what is loaded in SAFE MODE.  So once you get the new board up running the VGA adapter driver, you can then load the correct drivers for the board.
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grantwatsonAuthor Commented:
Not having much luck with this... Something i should have prhaps made clearer is i get no video even when the machine is booting up with the new card in...
Does video come on the new display during the BIOS and bootup? And then it kills into windows? If that is the case, then while in windows, switch back to the onboard to see if that works. You can then add the driver for the new PCI card. I bet it needs that or maybe having some resource conflicts.

Second, goto the bios and definitely display the onboard video card to free up resources
grantwatsonAuthor Commented:
The bios no does not show up on either video card... The machine does give a couple of beeps, i then hit F1 which i think is continue and it boot into windows. the opnly reason i know this is i'm running VNC on the machine and it allows me to connect, but the display is unreadable.

shankshank sorry dont understand the last part of your message...
grantwatsonAuthor Commented:
Does any one know if there is a log that the boot errors are written to?
I know this isnt what you want to hear, but unfortuanatly i have some bad news, while i was working for dell tech support in the server department i had seen several attempts adding pci video cards to pci-x slots(64 bit pci), the main systems i seen this on to was the 2550, 2650, 2800, 2850. I never saw or heard of one that worked, the issue's varied from the card not being recognized at all, parts of the card not being recognized and it not functioning properly, no post, and the card causing pci parity errors. I believe the main problems is that the bios wasnt programmed to support a pci graphics card, the systems wasnt designed to need anything else but the integrated graphics to fufill it role as a server. If your looking for a game server a normal desktop computer will work fine, if you run it as a dedicated server it doesnt take up that many resources.

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grantwatsonAuthor Commented:
Hi Jamietoner,

Thanks for that information, i had a felling that this was going to be the answer... It would'nt have been fixed an any BIOS upgrades/dates????


grantwatsonAuthor Commented:
Dell have confirmed that an additional video card can not be installed into this machine.
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