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Actually I am working on the file formate here when I m trying to read the header of the Tiff File and the nef File we get the same information. Is there any link which help me to know what is the exact difference between the Tiff File format And the Raw NEF file format.
Or is there any link which tells me that how we identify that any image is in Tiff Format or in Raw NEF File format. here  i want to clear that I wants the link which tell me that how we identify that the image is in Tiff Format or in Nef Format by reading yhe header information not by there extension.
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I provided that link - it's the one from the website. There's additional information here:

As you no doubt know at this point, the NEF file format is a proprietary Nikon version of RAW output (i.e., the CCD output captured with minimal in-camera processing). Because it's proprietary, Nikon has not released much information on the format, so the information available is mostly from "hobbist" programmers (I put that word in quotes because most of them are doing the work as a labor of love, but they are experts in their fields).

You might take a look at and for some information on the NEF format and how it resembles and differs from TIF.


BTW, you might want to look at ImageMagick's "Identify" function and see if it can help you out here:
davinder101Author Commented:
Sorry but the link which u provide me may not help me in any of the way to know about what is the basci difference between the NEF file and the Tiff file because RAw Nef header also support the Tiff Format so it is difficult to know the image is a NEF image or thr Tiff image. Pls help me by provoding any link which clirify the actual difference between these two format.
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