Cannot update fimware on sc101 netgear storage device

I have installed a NAS drive which is a Netgear SC101 NAS with two mirrored hard drives supplied. All comopnents supplied by and the drive are on the hardware compatibility list at Netgear.

All was working fine as the device was used for backing up archived data from a case management system.

After a few weeks I started to notice directories (containg 100 docs each) were showing 0 bytes. The data had gone.

I contacted Netgear support who said upgrade to the latest firmware. I cannot do this as I get a message site connection failed check network.

I have access through to the net and even bypassed proxy server bit still no connection.

I downloaded the firmware updated all other software and tried a manual upgrade to firmware. Still this failed.

I have been told by Netgear to keep upgrading to firmware as this may resolve the data loss problem and also reduce the heat given of by drives as the update includes a spin down of the drives when not active.

I have tried evey possible solution but formatiing the drives.

ANy ideas form anyone else who has had the same experience as me.

Netgear still insist upgrade the firmware but cannot advise on how to do this if it fails.

This matter is now getting urgent as I need to put the archive on the NAS as the file srver has little space left. Currently backing archive to thin client server which is not good.
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Maybe you need to run the firmware update from a PC with another OS. Make sure there is no firewall or similar active during that procedure, maybe also get a crossover cable and have the PC doing the upgrade connect directly (if that is possible with the NAS, ie you can set it up to use a static IP).
booneballAuthor Commented:
Sorry Netgear have now caved in and admitted that they have given me defective hardware!

By the way it was set up with a static IP.
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