ACT! (version 6) macro editor

Hi, is there such a thing a an editor for ACT!6 macros?
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TheACTDudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The other option you may have is using the ACT6 SDK. Then you can use VB or C++ to create the macro.

Macros created within ACT aren't editable and will have to be recreated if a change is required.

The Marco Magic software mentioned above has an editor, but only for macros created within that app.

VMare, macros with mouse clicks won't work as expected if the user adds other items to the Menus after the macro is created. That would mean the user has to recreate the macros whenever they add something to menu. Keyboard shorctuts are consistant and are not dependant on where the item is on the Menu.

Unfortunately no. The only reliable way of recording macros in act is using the keyboard only (don't record mouse events). I usually will write down on paper the key commands I need and then record the macro.
You can check this out also. I haven't used it with ACT 6 but some have had success using it with the newer version.

The software is called Macro Magic

Respectfully disagree with the ACTDude.  Within ACT you can compose macros WITH mouse clicks.  

I use another technique too.  Use the field trigger to activate e a batch or exe file.  Go to Edit | Define Fields, choose your field and select the tab lableled Triggers.  You have the choice to either trigger launch when entering or exiting field. I have used this to calculate and populate field with results.

BTW I'm ACT Certified.  

Hope this helps you.
HarryAdneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. Actually I was after an editor - like vba for Microsoft Office - so that I can hard-code the macros. I've tried opening the macro file in Notepad, but it just shows a load of unprintable characters.

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