ADO and Field Blob - Oracle

my application is ported to Oracle, but i found ADO doesn't support BLOB
data type in Delphi 7 and "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle".
it could use driver of oracle, but I want to use of the Microsoft.
how to solve this problem?

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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Microsoft OleDB provider for oracle doesn't support the BLob fields

you can use Oracle db provider instead of microsoft one, you can download it freely from oracle website

and you can use dbExpress instead of Ado, it's faster than ado, also using native oracle components like DOA or ODAC, will be the best solution
what about

//instead of Loadfromfile -> LoadFromStream would be also possible

not sure syntax about the last ftBlob-param

meikl ;-)
antenorAuthor Commented:
the Problem this at the moment that I go to Open the DataSet
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>the Problem this at the moment that I go to Open the DataSet
what happens?
antenorAuthor Commented:
if the instruction sql to possess a field CLOB/BLOB occurs an error when trying to give a Open.
what dataset do you use?
is there any sql-statement in use?
what !!!!!!!!! "found ADO doesn't support BLOB data type in Delphi 7" thats WRONG ADO supports it and i use them very often. And kretzschmars exsample should work.
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