Remote Desktop vs. Citrix

How much more resources does Remote Desktop use as compared to Citrix?
Specifically if someone is logged into Citrix and then remotes into their workstation in the office.
We have a user who has their workstation configured to access certian files applications etc.We are having trouble configuring the same access through their Citrix account. A solution we have been given is to have the user remote into their workstation. We are concerned about resources as well as bandwidth.
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Are you saying they use Remote Desktop from within the citrix session?  Or a separate RDP session from the workstation along side an ICA session to Citrix.

Either way the RDP and ICA protocols aren't very different these days.  The bandwidth consumed is probably about the same if you are using a recent version of RDP (is this an XP Pro workstation?).  In Windows Server 2003 they are almost identical.

here's an article you may want to check out:  It deals with mainly the difference between Terminal Services and Citrix but discusses RDP vs. ICA.

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-cr-Author Commented:
RDP session from the workstation along side an ICA session to Citrix.
-cr-Author Commented:
RDP session from the workstation within an ICA session to Citrix.
ok either one I don't see a problem.  Of course if you are maxed out on your bandwidth currently any new connections (RDP, ICA, or anything else such as TCP) could cause problems.
In a LAN environment, the performance of ICA (Citrix) and RDP (Remote Desktop) is similar. In a WAN environment where there can be considerable latency, the users experience with ICA will be far better than with RDP, thanks to the many latency reduction technologies built into ICA.

For server resources, there's little difference between an ICA connection and an RDP connection.
For network resources, ICA will use less, especially if queueing of the mouse and keystrokes is enabled (along with compression and caching).
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