Send Mail 8.12.11-4.24

Hi Experts,

After Installing Send mail 8.12.11-4.24 on a RH9 server for security reason I am non able to send mail from my computer using my Server SMTP, and some forms like formmail.cgi do not send mail any longer, even though they apperantly work
it used to work perfectly before

what should I check?

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If you've upgraded I would check the following:

The configuration for Sendmail is set as before, or set as necessary for your server. Configuration files may have been refreshed to default upon upgrade.

Also, were you using an earlier version of Sendmail previously or a different Mail Transfer Agent entirely? (i.e. Postfix).

What do you mean by 'for security reasons' you are unable to send now? Perhaps you should check your IPTables configuration or any newly installed firewall management software, i.e. Bastille.

It might just be something as simple as Sendmail needing to be reconfigured again with basic details such as hostname and other such things.
rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:

thanks for the answer, according to a security whole has been found and we needed to uograde sendmail.

I went to to download the latest rpm and installed. The problem that comes up is with SMTP authentication.

I cannot send any mail from my local computer using my SMTP server it keeps asking for password and some programs like formmail do not send mail any longer
It sounds like SMTP-AUTH is installed / active, whereas i'm assuming it wasn't before. SMTP on its own doesn't have any authentication like POP does. This is where SMTP-AUTH comes in, it allows you to authenticate SMTP access as you would with POP.

So to get rid of this password request for SMTP, I would imagine you would have to remove the SMTP-AUTH add-on. This may be possible within

Chances are the RPM was built with SMTP-AUTH included; So you could also try a different RPM.
rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:

the problem is that i NEED TO ENABLE SMTP-AUTH but only to authenticated users otherwise anybody could send mail from my server
I could be bursting into an open door, have you checked your access file?
In /etc/mail/ there is a file called access, that if you wish to allow mail from the computer, you need to add the lines
localhost RELAY
localhost.localdomain RELAY RELAY.

It should work fine with any of those lines, but I was told it best to include them all. After that write:
cd /etc/mail
/etc/init.d/sendmail restart

If thats the problem, then what we did here should solve it.
Have a nice day

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